Research Committee Awards

Mae McDonnell (Wharton), Chair of the Research Committee announces the 2020 research award winners and acknowledges research committee members.

2020 OMT Award Winners

I am delighted to report that the OMT Research Committee completed the process of selecting winners for all the OMT paper and symposium awards that will presented at the 2020 Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting. 

Nominees were identified by Program Chair Martin Kilduff based on the ratings of OMT reviewers.  Then subgroups of Research Committee members read each award-nominated paper or symposium in one of the eight award categories and voted on their picks for the most outstanding work submitted to this year’s AOM conference.    

Congratulations to all the award-winning authors and to those whose paper and symposia were nominated!  The names of winners and runners-up are listed below.  The formal presentation of the OMT Division’s awards will take place at the OMT Business Meeting in the Fall.  We hope you will join us at the business meeting to celebrate the winners!

The OMT Business Meeting and Social Hour is also the perfect time to find out more about the OMT Research Committee, which is staffed by a dedicated group of OMT volunteers.  Be a part of recognizing the excellence of OMT scholarship. Join the OMT Research Committee!

OMT Division Best Paper Award

Winner: Nathan Wilmers (MIT) and Maxim Massenkoff (UC Berkeley) Wage Stagnation and the Rise of Merit Pay, 1974-1991


Runner-Up: Devi Vijay, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta; Philippe Monin, EMLYON Business School; Mukta Kulkarni, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.  Strangers at the Bedside: Subaltern Solidarities and New Form Institutionalization.


Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award

Winner: Brittany Bond (MIT) Pride without Prejudice: The Burden of Under-Recognition in Organizations


Runner-up: Kate Odziemkowska (Rice) Frenemies: When Firms and Activists Collaborate


Best Entrepreneurship Paper Award (sponsored by the journal Innovation: Organization & Management)

Winner: Tristan L. Botelho (Yale School of Management); Melody Chang (Yale School of Management) The Perception and Evaluation of Founder Experience by Hiring Firms: A Field Experiment


Runner-up: Minjae Kim (Rice University) Breaking Out Without Selling Out: Overcoming Identity-Based Limits to Market Expansion


OMT Responsible Research Award

Winner: Kate Odziemkowska (Rice University) Frenemies: When Firms and Activists Collaborate


Runner-up: Olivier Cristofini (IAE Paris – Sorbonne Business School); Thomas J. Roulet (University of Cambridge).  Playing with Trash: How Gamification Contributed to the Bottom-up Institutionalization of Zero Waste Practices


Best Student Paper Award

Winner: Yusaku Takeda (Harvard Business School) Enduring Effects of Nationalistic Ideology on Strategy Formation Process: The Case of Nippon Gakki 1938-1960


Runner-up: Linda Mitrojorgji (Rennes School of Business).  Designing Shared Representations for Open-Ended Needs


Best Symposium Award

Winner: M.K. Chin (Indiana University), Abhinav Gupta (University of Washington) Politics, Political Ideology and Organizations


Runner-up: Rodolphe Durand (HEC Paris).  Cooking the Books?  Four Manuscripts on Wall Street Management and Mismanagement 

Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices

Winner: Jiwon Hwang (Columbia Business School), Damon J. Phillips (Columbia Business School), Entrepreneurship as a Response to Labor Market Discrimination for Formerly Incarcerated People


Runner-up: Olivier Cristofini (IAE Paris – Sorbonne Business School); Thomas J. Roulet (University of Cambridge).  Playing with Trash: How Gamification Contributed to the Bottom-up Institutionalization of Zero Waste Practices


Best International Paper Award

Winner: Devi Vijay, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta; Philippe Monin, EMLYON Business School; Mukta Kulkarni, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.  Strangers at the Bedside: Subaltern Solidarities and New Form Institutionalization.


Runner-up: Yusaku Takeda (Harvard Business School) Enduring Effects of Nationalistic Ideology on Strategy Formation Process: The Case of Nippon Gakki 1938-1960 

Reviewer Awards and Recognitions

Every year hundreds of reviewers volunteer their time and expertise to the OMT Division.

Created and first conferred in 2018, the OMT Research Committee Service Award recognizes the valuable service provided by the most dedicated members of the research committee. Winners of the award will have served on the committee for 5+ years and had stellar records during their tenure.

This year's winners of the Service Award are: Aharon Cohen Mohliver (London Business School), Robert Eberhart (Stanford), Ruthanne Huising (EMLYON Business School), Kelly Patterson (Santa Clara University), and Maxim Voronov (York University)

Past Award Winners


  • Sekou Bermiss (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Vibha Gaba (INSEAD)
  • Sharon Koppman (University of California, Irvine)
  • Jennifer Merluzzi (George Washington University)
  • Hovig Tchalian (Claremont Graduate University)

And created and first conferred in 1995, the Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Reviewing Award recognizes those individuals who were deemed worthy of special recognition for the helpfulness, civility, extensiveness and insight of their reviews. We offer our thanks for a job well done.

Past Award Winners


  • Sofiane Baba (Sherbrooke)
  • Timothy Hannigan (Alberta)
  • Mia Raynard (WU Vienna)
  • Radina R. Blagoeva (RSM)
  • Wesley Helms (Brock)
  • Matthew Regele (Miami U. Ohio)
  • Sean Buchanan (Manitoba)
  • Brian Hilligoss (Arizona)
  • Rhonda K. Reger (Missouri)
  • Jonathan Bundy (ASU)
  • Dennis Jancsary (WU Vienna)
  • Marc-David Seidel (UBC) 
  • Lindsey Cameron (Michigan)
  • Stephanie Koornneef (Tilburg)
  • Daniel Semper (WU Vienna)
  • Melodie Cartel (UNSW)
  • Gorgi Krlev (Heidelberg)
  • Anastasia Sergeeva (VU Amsterdam)
  • Jesper Edman (Waseda)
  • Qian Li (Cass London)
  • Laura Singleton (Eckerd)
  • Corinna Frey (RSM)
  • Céline Louche (Audencia)
  • Bernard Stancati (Regis)
  • Simon Friis (MIT)
  • Emilio Marti (RSM)
  • Christian Stutz (Jyväskylä /HWZ)
  • Claudia Gabbioneta (Newcastle)
  • Czeslaw Mesjasz (Cracow)
  • Silviya Svejenova (CBS)
  • Joel Gehman (Alberta)
  • Jenna E. Myers (MIT)
  • Joerg Sydow (FU Berlin)
  • Daniel Geiger (Hamburg)
  • Olga A. Novoselova (Iowa)
  • Cheng Wang (Drexel)
  • Ketan Goswami (Ivey)
  • Sarah M. G. Otner (Imperial College)
  • Christian Wedl (ETH Zurich)
  • Ralph Hamann (Cape Town)
  • Alexander Pinz (Mannheim)
  • Deju Zhang (Groningen)
  • Aimee L. Hamilton (Denver)
  • Davide Ravasi (UCL)
  • Angelina Zubac (AIM)


  • Jonathan Nicholas Bundy (ASU)
  • Alessandro Iorio (CMU)
  • Stavros Polykarpou (Cambridge)
  • Christina Matz Carnes (Nebrasca, Lincoln)
  • Jiwook Jung (UIUC)
  • Thomas J. Roulet (Cambridge)
  • Amelia Compagni (Bocconi)
  • Yong Hyun Kim (HKUST)
  • Charles-Clemens Rüling (Grenoble)
  • Tunde Cserpes (Aarhus)
  • Benedetto Lepori (U. della Svizzera Italiana)
  • Daniel Sands (NYU)
  • Arnaud Cudennec (HEC Paris)
  • Qian Li (Cass)
  • Innan Sasaki (Lancaster)
  • Lin Dong (Imperial)
  • Jean-Baptiste Litrico (Queen’s)
  • Stephen Shih (Bain & Company)
  • Lionel Garreau (Paris-Dauphine)
  • Christi Lockwood (Virginia)
  • Balazs Szatamari (Amsterdam)
  • Manuel David Gomez-Solorzano (University de los Andes)
  • Esther Maier (Wilfrid Laurier)
  • Anthony Vashevko (NSU)
  • David Jeffrey Goodman (IE)
  • Juri Matinheikki (Aalto)
  • Patrick Vermeulen (Nijmegen)
  • Philip Gylfe (Aalto)
  • Johannes Meuer (ETH Zurich)
  • Devi Yijay (Columbia)
  • Stefanie Habersang (Lüneburg)
  • Duane E. Mitchell (Pittsburg, Bradford)
  • Eula Bianca Villar (U. Ramon Llull)
  • Christian E. Hampel (Imperial)
  • Pedro Monteiro (Warwick)
  • Matthias Wenzel (European U. Viadrina)
  • Jung-Hoon Han (Penn State)
  • Peter Norlander (Loyola U. Chicago)
  • Jie Yang (York)
  • Wesley Helms (Brock)
  • Alexander Pinz (Mannheim)


  • Eero Juhani Aalto (Aalto U.)
  • Saad Alsubaiei (Cass Business School)
  • Santiago Campero Molina (HEC Montréal)
  • Francesca Capo (Luiss Guido Carli U.)
  • Giulia Cappellaro (Bocconi U.)
  • Itziar Castelló (U. Carlos III de Madrid)
  • Cassandra Chambers (U. of Michigan)
  • Greetje Frankje Corporaal (U. of Oxford)
  • Diego Coraiola (U. of Alberta)
  • Erica Coslor (U. of Melbourne)
  • Elena Dalpiaz (Imperial College Business School)
  • Rocki-Lee DeWitt (U. of Vermont)
  • Peter Edlund (Uppsala U.)
  • Kate Elgayeva (U. of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Fabio Fonti (Rennes School of Business)
  • Darcy K. Fudge Kamal (Chapman U.)
  • Hao Gong (Rutgers U.)
  • K V Gopakumar (IIM, Ahmedabad)
  • Paul Isaac Green (Harvard Business School)
  • Henrich Greve (INSEAD)
  • Wesley Helms (Brock U.)
  • Chenguang Hu (Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology)
  • Jochem T. Hummel (VU Amsterdam)
  • Lee Charles Jarvis (Grenoble Ecole de Management)
  • Burcu Kucukkeles (ETH Zurich)
  • Andrea Lagna (Loughborough U.)
  • Jocelyn M. Leitzinger (McGill U.)
  • Alexander Lewis (U. of Texas at San Antonio)
  • Sam C. MacAulay (U. of Queensland)
  • Evelyn Rita Micelotta (U. of New Mexico)
  • Tatiana Mikhalkina (Lancaster U.)
  • Bjoern C. Mitzinneck (Cornell U.)
  • Ken Ogata (York U.)
  • Abbie Griffith Oliver (U. of Georgia)
  • Elisa Operti (ESSEC Business School)
  • Eugene Taeha Paik (U. of Arizona)
  • Kalle Pajunen (U. of Jyväskylä)
  • Owen Nelson Parker (Oklahoma State U.)
  • Fabio James Petani (U. of Lugano)
  • Kurt Sandholtz (Brigham Young U.)
  • Fernando Pinto Santos (Aalto U. School of Business)
  • Laura Singleton (Eckerd College)
  • Wendy K. Smith (U. of Delaware)
  • Jean-François Soublière (U. of Alberta)
  • Stefano Tasselli (Rotterdam School of Management)
  • Kornelis F. Van Den Oever (Tilburg U.)
  • Jakomijn Van Wijk (Maastricht School of Management)
  • Devi Vijay (Columbia U.)
  • Georg Wernicke (CBS)
  • Hendrik Wilhelm (U. of Cologne)
  • Anastasiya Zavyalova (Rice U.)


  • Alexander Toni Mohr, U. of Kent
  • Amit Gal, The Open U. of Israel
  • Anna Elise Roberts, Schulich School of Business
  • Anna M Stephens, U. of Queensland
  • Chanchal Balachandran, Linköping U.
  • Chang Lu, U. of Alberta
  • Chenguang Hu, Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology
  • Christian E. Hampel, U. of Cambridge
  • Christof Brandtner, Stanford U.
  • Connor Strobel, U. of California, Irvine
  • Conor Callahan, Rice U.
  • Cristina Oana Vlas, The U. of Texas at Dallas
  • Daniel Bernard Sands, NYU Stern
  • Daniel Beunza, London School of Economics
  • Daniel Han Ming Chng, China Europe International Business School
  • Devi Vijay, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
  • Dongyoub Shin, Yonsei U.
  • Erica Heather Coslor, The U. of Melbourne
  • Gregory E. Robbins, Southern Connecticut State U.
  • Ivana Katic, Yale School of Management
  • JEAN-CHARLES PILLET, Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • Jennifer G. Irwin, Louisiana State U.
  • Jesper Edman, Hitotsubashi U.
  • Jocelyn M. Leitzinger, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Jochem T. Hummel, U. of Amsterdam
  • Jorge Walter, George Washington U.
  • Kati Helena Järvi, Hanken School of Economics
  • Kirsten Thommes, RWTH Aachen U.
  • Laura Claus, U. of Cambridge
  • Madeline King, New York U.
  • Madelynn Raissa Dawn Stackhouse, U. of Calgary
  • Marek Szarucki, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie
  • Melissa Pirkey, Emory U.
  • Michael Mauskapf, Northwestern U.
  • Ming D. Leung, U. of California, Berkeley
  • Peter Norlander, Loyola U. Chicago
  • Remco Stefan Mannak, Tilburg U.
  • Rhonda K. Reger, U. of Tennessee
  • Rich DeJordy, Northeastern U.
  • Ryann Manning, Harvard U.
  • Sahangsoon Kim, U. of Seoul
  • Sam MacAulay, U. of Queensland
  • Sumelika Bhattacharyya, IESE
  • Tao Wang, Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • Yonghoon G Lee, Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology


  • Marcos Barros, Grenoble School of Mgmt
  • Nathan Betancourt, U. of Amsterdam
  • Nathan Bragaw, Louisiana State U.
  • Giulia Cappellaro, Bocconi U.
  • Jonathan Campbell, Harvard Business School
  • Scott Ganz, Stanford GSB
  • Wesley Helms, Brock University
  • Timothy Hubbard, U. of Georgia
  • Jean-Baptiste Litrico, Queen’s U.
  • Esther Maier, Wilfrid Laurier U.
  • David Maslach, Florida State U.
  • Dirk Moosmayer, Nottingham University
  • Antoaneta Petkova, San Francisco U.
  • Ryan Raffaeli, Harvard U.
  • Patrick Reinmüller, Cranfield U.
  • Paula Ungureanu, U. of Modena
  • Floor van den Born, VU University of Amsterdam
  • Wang Tao, Grenoble School of Management


  • John Almandoz (IESE Business School)
  • Chanchal Balachandran (U. of Lugano)
  • Marcos Barros (U. du Quebec en Outaouais)
  • Andrea Casey (George Washington U.)
  • Erica Coslor (U. of Melbourne)
  • Santi Furnari (Cass Business School)
  • Tim Hargrave (U. of Washington)
  • Marjan Houshmand (U. of British Columbia)
  • Sanjay Jain (Santa Clara U.)
  • Poonam Khanna
  • Bo Kyung Kim (Southern Methodist U.)
  • June-Young Kim (Marquette U.)
  • Mingxiang Li (U. of Wisconsin, Madison)
  • Martina Montauti (U. of Lugano)
  • Alan Muller (U. of Amsterdam)
  • Warren O. Nilsson (U. of Cape Town)
  • Kurt Sandholtz (Brigham Young U.) 


  • Marcos Barros (HEC Montreal)
  • Hans Berends (VU U. Amsterdam)
  • Amelie Boutinot (Inst. Superieur de Gestion)
  • Andrea Casey (George Washington U.)
  • Gino Cattani (New York U.)
  • David Chandler (U. of Colorado Denver)
  • Elena Dalpiaz (Imperial Coll. London)
  • Maria B Gondo (U of New Mexico)
  • Jennifer Howard-Grenville (U. of Oregon)
  • Julien Jordan (Bocconi U.)
  • Aravind Karunakaran (MIT)
  • Patricia Klarner (U. of Munich)
  • Massimo Maoret (IESE)
  • Suntae Kim (U. of Michigan)
  • Sheen S. Levine (Columbia U.)
  • Pablo Martin de Holan (EM Lyon)
  • Thomas P. Moliterno (U. of Mass. Amherst)
  • Vanessa Pouthier (Northwestern U.)
  • Ryan Raffaelii (Harvard Bus. School)
  • Wendy K. Smith (U. of Delaware)
  • Norbert Steigenberger (U. of Cologne)
  • Maxim Sytch (U. of Michigan)
  • Madeline Toubiana (Schulich School of Bus.)
  • Paul Tracey (U. of Cambridge)
  • Maciej Workiewicz (INSEAD)
  • Anastasiya Zavyalova (Rice U.) 


  • Amelie Boutinot (Grenoble)
  • Giulia Cappellaro (Cambridge)
  • Charlotte Coleman (Leeds U.)
  • Natalie C. Cotton-Nessler (U. of Michigan)
  • Rich DeJordy (Northeastern)
  • W. L Dougan (U. Wisconsin - Whitewater)
  • Santi Furnari (City U.)
  • Joel Gehman (U. of Alberta)
  • Evelyn Micelotta (U. of Alberta)
  • Marcos Pereira Fernandes de Barros (HEC Montreal)
  • Mia Raynard (U. of Alberta)
  • Rhonda Reger (U. of Maryland)
  • Taekjin Shin (U. Illinois - Urbana Champaign)
  • Silviya Svejenova (ESADE)
  • Pooya Tavakoly (U. Lugano)
  • Patricia Thornton (Duke U.)
  • Anna Tyllstrom (Uppsala)
  • Michael C. Whiters (Texas A&M)
  • Eric Zhao (U. of Alberta)
  • Tammar Zilber (Hebrew U. of Jerusalem)


  • Forrest Briscoe (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Jonathan Bundy (University of Georgia)
  • Regis Cabral (FEPRO)
  • Albert Cannella (Tulane University)
  • J. Adam Cobb (University of Michigan)
  • Joel Gehman (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Daniel Halgin (University of Kentucky)
  • Wesley Helms (York University)
  • Yuval Kalish (Tel Aviv University)
  • Jeff Martin (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)
  • Niki A. den Nieuwenboer (Santa Clara University)
  • Michael Pfarrer (University of Georgia)
  • Rhonda K. Reger (University of Maryland)
  • Gokce Sargut (Governors State University)
  • John Paul Stephens (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Jeffrey York (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Kai Kaufmann (IESE Business School)
  • Esther Maier (Richard Ivey School of Business)
  • Daniel Armanios (Stanford University)


  • Punit Arora (Syracuse University)
  • Kimberly A. Bates (Trent University)
  • Tammy E. Beck (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
  • Forrest Briscoe (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Ebony N. Bridwell-Mitchell (Brown University)
  • Helena Buhr (University of Michigan)
  • Andrea Casey (George Washington University)
  • W. L. Dougan (University of Wisconsin, Whitewater)
  • Mark Thomas Kennedy (University of Southern California)
  • Kenji Klein (University of California, Irvine)
  • Ming D. Leung (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Daniel Malter (University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Stuart Anthony Middleton (University of Queensland)
  • Vanessa Pouthier (Northwestern University)
  • Timothy J. Quigley (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Tracy A. Thompson (University of Washington, Tacoma)


  • John Amis (University of Memphis)

  • Tammy Beck (University of North Carolina)

  • Natalie Cotton (University of Michigan)

  • Nick Fairclough (University of Alberta)

  • Flora Ferlic (University of St. Gallen)

  • André Gygax (University of Melbourne)

  • Susan Lynch (INSEAD)

  • Massimo Maoret (Boston College)

  • Evelyn Micelotta (Politecnico di Milano)

  • Michael Smets (University of Oxford)

  • Franz Wohlgezogen (Northwestern University)


  • Flore Bridoux (Erasmus University RSM)
  • Helena Buhr (University of Michigan)
  • You-Ta Chuang (York University)
  • Rich DeJordy (Boston College)
  • Dimo Dimov (University of Connecticut)
  • Mark Fichman (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Fabio Fonti (Boston College)
  • Nina Granqvist (Helsinki School of Economics)
  • Chantal Hervieux (University du Québec à Montréal)
  • Katherine Kellogg (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Adam Kleinbaum (Harvard University)
  • Tomi M. M. Laamanen (Helsinki University of Technology)
  • Davide Ravasi (Bocconi University)
  • Russell Seidle (McGill University)
  • Ann Terlaak (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
  • Diederik W. Van Liere (Erasmus University RSM)


  • Benjamin M. Cole (University of Michigan)
  • Grégoire Croidieu (EM Lyon)
  • Robert Peter Dalitz (Australian National University)
  • Rich DeJordy (Boston College)
  • Micki Eisenman (Baruch College)
  • Arent Greve (Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration)
  • Michael G Hendron (University of Texas, Austin)
  • John Joseph (Northwestern University)
  • Tomi M. M. Laamanen (Helsinki University of Technology)
  • Michael D. Pfarrer (University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Francisco Polidoro (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Davide Ravasi (Bocconi University)
  • Michael Smets (University of Oxford)
  • Wendy K. Smith (University of Delaware)
  • Karan Sonpar (University of Manitoba)
  • Maxim Sytch (Northwestern University)


  • Emmanuel A. Abegunrin (Capella University)
  • Jyoti Bachani (University of Redlands)
  • Benjamin M. Cole (University of Michigan)
  • Robert Peter Dalitz (Australian National University)
  • Fabio Fonti (Boston College)
  • David O'Donnell (Intellectual Capital Research Institute, Ireland)
  • Patrick Reinmoeller (Erasmus University)
  • Ayse Saka (University of Groningen)
  • Ayse Elif Sengün (Baskent University
  • Maxim Sytch (Northwestern University)
  • Ian Walsh (Boston College)
  • Diederik W. Van Liere (Erasmus University RSM)


  • Patricia H. Thornton
  • Elaine Romanelli


  • Elaine Romanelli

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