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    Posted 18 days ago
    Administrative Science Quarterly Online Table of Contents Alert
    The March 2021 issue of Administrative Science Quarterly is available online:
    Vol. 66, No. 1


    The March issue is my first as ASQ's editor. I'm happy to share with you these articles and book reviews that indicate the diversity of our journal's content and contributors. From the impact of return immigration and lawyer affiliation on firm outcomes, to teams dealing with emergencies in Australia and Germany, to choirs and e-cigarettes, the six articles in this issue cover a range of topical and fascinating contexts and important theories. As I get settled into my new role, I look forward to hearing from our readers so I can learn more about what matters to you, what we're doing right, and how we can improve our reach and impact.


    How the Show Goes On: Using the Aesthetic Experience of Collective Performance to Adapt while Coordinating

    John Paul Stephens

    Even when everything seems on the verge of falling apart, somehow we collectively figure out how to keep going. Based on the author's experiences in a community choir in Cleveland, this study describes how groups engaged in real-time action coordinate their activities by attending to the aesthetic and emotion of the group and adjusting their focus of attention when their collective performance falters.

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    Maintaining Places of Social Inclusion: Ebola and the Emergency Department

    April L. Wright, Alan D. Meyer, Trish Reay, and Jonathan Staggs

    Emergency rooms are places of social inclusion – where all citizens can come for care. Yet it can be difficult to keep the hospital doors always open. During the Ebola crisis, doctors and nurses in Australia experienced strong emotions about their role as custodians of the public good which shaped how they managed safety concerns and resource constraints.

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    The Double-edged Sword of Oppositional Category Positioning: A Study of the U.S. E-cigarette Category, 2007–2017

    Greta Hsu and Stine Grodal

    What we have here is a cautionary tale of product comparisons. The e-cigarette story shows us how stigma from an existing product category can taint a new one-especially when differences between the two products are obscured by existing players entering the fray.

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    Coming Back and Giving Back: Transposition, Institutional Actors, and the Paradox of Peripheral Influence

    Jiao Luo, Jia Chen, and Dongjie Chen

    Implementing new organizational practices requires both exposure to novel ideas and the influence necessary to encourage their adoption. This study of return migration in China suggests that a way to get both is to gain experience abroad and then return home to share it.

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    Quo Vadis? From the Schoolyard to the Courtroom

    Maxim Sytch and Yong H. Kim

    Companies in litigation shop for courtrooms based on connections between their lawyers and the judges. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it backfires.

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    Getting Ahead of Time-Performing Temporal Boundaries to Coordinate Routines under Temporal Uncertainty

    Daniel Geiger, Anja Danner-Schröder, and Waldemar Kremser

    This study of firefighters in Germany explores the importance of routines and time management when organizations need to be flexible and handle exceptional circumstances. Teams work synchronously to accomplish different tasks within a given routine and bundle distinct routines into a sequence to meet the needs of each situation.

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    Book Reviews

    Book Review Essay: Looking for the Keys

    Michael T. Hannan, Gaël Le Mens, Greta Hsu, Balázs Kovács, Giacomo Negro, László Pólos, Elizabeth Pontikes, and Amanda J. Sharkey

    Concepts and Categories: Foundations for Sociological and Cultural Analysis

    Rodolphe Durand


    Yanjie Bian. Guanxi: How China Works

    Jizhen Li and Xiaohua Li


    Ann Majchrzak and Arvind Malhotra. Unleashing the Crowd: Collaborative Solutions to Wicked Business and Societal Problems

    Daniel Armanios and Huiyan Zhang


    These articles and many more are featured on Henrich Greve's blog site Organizational Musings. Our student-run ASQ Blog features interviews with ASQ authors that offer insights into the research and writing process. To stay informed, connect with ASQ on social media: follow us on Twitter (@ASQJournal) and LinkedIn.


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