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IOM Journal seeks social media editor

  • 1.  IOM Journal seeks social media editor

    Posted 03-09-2020 12:52

    The Innovation: Organization & Management (IOM) journal is seeking a social media editor. The social media editor's role will be to create and operate various social media channels for the journal, with the objective to make its published content more widely available to relevant audiences. The journal was launched in 2017 and is edited by Markus Perkmann and Nelson Phillips. Its mission is to publish outstanding research on innovation within and across organizations. The journal is covered by Journal Citation Reports and has an impact factor of 1.43. As social media editor, you should be conversant in publishing content on multiple platforms (Linked-In, Facebook, relevant community lists; see existing Twitter profile), and familiar with the innovation, organization theory, strategy and entrepreneurship literature. The position carries a nominal honorarium and a mention on the IOM page.

    If your are interested, please send an email to, with a CV and a short cover letter (half to full page) outlining your social media capabilities (with evidence of what you have done).

    And by the way, IOM is now sponsoring the OMT Best Entrepreneurship Paper award!

    Best OMT Entrepreneurship Paper

    Markus Perkmann
    Imperial College London