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MOR Call for Proposals on a timely topic: Responsible Leadership

  • 1.  MOR Call for Proposals on a timely topic: Responsible Leadership

    Posted 03-26-2020 14:13
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    Dear Colleagues, 

    It is high time for research on responsible leadership. 


    In times of crisis, leadership can make a life and death difference. The current coronavirus pandemic is a challenge to leadership in all sectors, government, business, and civil society. What is the right thing to do? What is a responsible decision? It is an encouraging sign to see so many governments putting human life above the economy. They are sparing no costs to protect human lives from falling victim to this virus which has no national, racial, economic or religious boundaries. Leadership, especially responsible, is critical during this unprecedented crisis at both the local and global levels. As researchers in business schools, how can we contribute to understanding the effect of this pandemic on organizations in all the sectors and leadership decisions and actions at all levels? It is high time for research on responsible leadership in government, business, and civil society. 


    A group of organization scholars developed a special issue on Responsible Leadership in China and Beyond for Management and Organization Review in December 2019, a month before coronavirus hit China, and a month later, globally. As we see different forms of responsible, or not so responsible, leadership unfold in front of our eyes in dealing with this pandemic, there is both an opportunity and a responsibility for management and organization researchers to contribute knowledge on responsible leadership in times of crisis. Is responsible leadership different in form and substance, relative to responsible leadership in normal or peaceful times? How and why are responsible leadership practices similar or different in different organizational contexts, levels, industries, sectors, or regions? What types of responsible leadership practices contribute to the well-being of citizens and the resilience of societies to weather all forms of challenges and adversities? 


    To explore these and other questions related to responsible leadership in China and globally, please read the CFP for this MOR Special Issue on Responsible Leadership in China and Beyond.

    Arie Y. Lewin 乐文睿
    Professor Emeritus Strategy and International Business
    Editor in Chief Management and Organization Review
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    Arie Lewin
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