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Bocconi Assembly for Innovation and Cooperation (BAIC) Webinar Series 2021

  • 1.  Bocconi Assembly for Innovation and Cooperation (BAIC) Webinar Series 2021

    Posted 20 days ago

    We are delighted to announce the 2021 webinar series of the Bocconi Assembly for Innovation and Cooperation (BAIC), following the success of last year's series.

    In the face of geopolitical changes, societal and environmental concerns, shifting industry boundaries, evolving technological ecosystems, increasing uncertainty, and competitive pressures, the aim of the Assembly is to serve as a forum for discussing and exchanging new ideas across disciplines and developing a research agenda on innovation and cooperation. With this series, we aspire to advance this agenda and promote research projects that facilitate our understanding of these two fundamental drivers of economic growth and prosperity.

    This year we are pleased to welcome an exceptional line up of panelists and speakers.

    We start this  series with a panel on "Cooperating in an Era of Divide" on Wednesday, June 9 at 5-6.30pm (Central European Time)/11am-12.30pm (Eastern Time). In this panel, we bring together three prominent scholars whose expertise speaks to different aspects of the tension between our tendency to cooperate and our instinct to polarize:

    • Paul Adler, Professor and Harold Quinton Chair in Business Policy at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
    • Rajshree Agarwal, Rudolph Lamone Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
    • Anita McGahan, Professor and Rotman Chair in Management at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

    Facilitated by Giada Di Stefano, the panelists will address questions, such as: What explains the success of collaboration in an era of division? How has this changed compared to traditional cooperation? How can cooperation be sustained when public policy conflicts with personal interest? Where do current theories fail and where do we need new perspectives to better understand the emerging reality of cooperation? How do these dynamics impact the very role of the firm and managers in our society? And finally, is there anything we can do to reverse this tendency towards segregation, separation, and divide?

    We hope you can join us for this event. For further information and to register to attend, please visit our website here.

    Subsequently, we will host three outstanding speakers who will be sharing their latest ideas and research:

    • Thursday, June 17: Brian Silverman, University of Toronto - Ideology and Innovation
    • Thursday, June 24: Dan Levinthal, University of Pennsylvania - Evolutionary Processes and Organizational Adaptation: A Mendelian Perspective on Strategic Management
    • Thursday, July 1: Caroline Flammer, Boston University - Impact Investing and the Fostering of Business Ventures' Financial Performance and Social Impact in Disadvantaged Urban Areas

    Full details on these events, including how to register, can be found at our website

    We look forward to welcoming you.


    Kind regards

    Pedro Aceves and Tracy Anderson

    Tracy Anderson
    Bocconi University