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Announcing the 2020 OMT Digital Artifact!

  • 1.  Announcing the 2020 OMT Digital Artifact!

    Posted 10-16-2020 01:28

    The OMT Artifact, a long-standing tradition of the OMT community, took a virtual turn this year. During the OMT Social Hour at the virtual Academy Meeting 2020, OMT members participated in generating visual and verbal input for a collective tribute to this tradition.

    I am honored to announce the final product: the 2020 OMT Digital Artifact: The OMT Slot Machine. Check it out – and play – on the OMT Website, where you will also find a narrative about the OMT Artifact tradition and the production of its first digital edition.  

    Thank you to three decades of prior PDW Chairs for their imaginative contributions to the OMT Artifact collection, and warm applause to our new Digital Strategy Officer, Mélodie Cartel (UNSW), as well as Division Chairs Davide Ravasi and Renate Meyer for co-creating the slot machine with me and a professional programmer after the virtual Academy Meeting.  

    May the OMT Artifact continue its vibrant existence materially, visually, and verbally for decades to come!

    Best regards,

    Eva Boxenbaum

    2020 PDW Chair/ 2021 Program Chair


    Eva Boxenbaum
    Copenhagen Business School