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STR Virtual Writing Retreat: Storytelling

  • 1.  STR Virtual Writing Retreat: Storytelling

    Posted 5 days ago

    Virtual Writing Retreat: Storytelling

    March 12th, 9 AM-11 AM ET (3 PM-5 PM CET)

    Moderators: Eunice Rhee and Vivian Guo


    STR Division invites you to join the March virtual writing retreat. This month, we invite Professor Tim Pollock (U Tennessee, Knoxville) to discuss the importance of storytelling in academic writing based on his new book. He will focus on using the structure and techniques of effective storytelling to enhance your writing's clarity, presentation, and flow. After a 40-minute talk (including a Q&A session), we will have two 35-minute writing sprints. Bring your coffee, wear your comfy pants, and tune out all distractions to work on your writing with your fellow scholars!

    Please register here:

    If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering to host future writing retreats, please email Eunice Rhee or Vivian Guo, STR Membership Engagement Committee members, at or

    Eunice Rhee
    Seattle University