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CfP [5th ECUST-USF conference] Global Business in the Digital Age and Post-COVID-19, Shanghai, June 12-13, 2021

  • 1.  CfP [5th ECUST-USF conference] Global Business in the Digital Age and Post-COVID-19, Shanghai, June 12-13, 2021

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    5th International Conference
    East China University of Science & Technology - University of San Francisco
    Global Business in the Digital Age and Post-COVID-19 
    Date: June 12-13, 2021, China Time; June 11-12, 2021 US Pacific Standard Time
      Virtual Conference
    Location: School of Business, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai

    Digital technology has profoundly reshaped global business. Not only has it accelerated the process of firm internationalization but also facilitated inter-firm cross-border cooperation. However, for the global top 100 digital multinationals, only 41% of their total assets are located overseas, compared with 65% for traditional multinationals, showing a considerable difference between these two groups. In terms of sales, 73% of digital multinationals' sales are overseas, compared with 64% for traditional multinationals. Furthermore, technological competition has intensified across national boundaries. However, the increasing geopolitical tensions and the rise of nationalism have led many countries to restrict the use of digital technology, thereby limiting the flow of information and cross-border business activities. 


    With the Covid-19 Pandemic and its impact on business digital transformation, companies face new opportunities and challenges in the global arena. How can they deal with the precarious changes and achieve sustainable international growth? What are the characteristics of effective business models in today's global business environment? These issues will be extensively discussed during the 5th ECUST & USF International Conference to be held virtually on June 12-13, 2021 (North America Pacific Standard Time: June 11-12). The Conference will provide a platform to exchange views on various business challenges and solutions in today's environment. During the two-day conference, there will be a variety of sessions/activities, including keynote speeches, academic and industry dialogues, an education leaders' forum, regular and special paper sessions, etc. We sincerely welcome scholars, education leaders, industry executives, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to participate in our discussions.  




    Conference Topic

    The Conference is dedicated to providing a platform for participants to communicate with each other. All topics on global business are welcome, particularly those focusing on the impact of digital transformation and COVID-19. 


    Keynote Speeches sponsored by AIB Asia-Pacific Chapter

    Marjorie A. Lyles           Florida International University (to be confirmed)

    JT Li                                Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  


    Executive Panel Keynote Speaker:

             Dantley Davis                Chief Design Officer, Twitter            


    Abstracts & Papers 

    This Conference includes both Chinese and English sessions. We invite participants to submit papers or abstracts, preferably related to the conference theme. For abstract submissions, you will need to provide a ONE-page extended summary (Chinese or English) addressing the following and other related issues:

    ☐ Research Purpose

    ☐ Research Design/Research Methods

    ☐ Research Findings

    ☐ Limitations/Recommendations

    ☐ Practical Inspiration


    Opportunity to publish articles in the SSCI listed journal Business Horizons

    The conference will recommend high-quality full conference papers to Business Horizons for potential publication.

    Business Horizons(Impact factor is 3.444, 59/147 in Business) publishes original articles of interest to business academicians and practitioners. Articles cover a wide range of topical areas within the general field of business, with emphasis on identifying important business issues, problems, or opportunities and recommending means to address these. Ideally, articles will prompt readers to think about business practice in new and innovative ways. Business Horizons fills a unique niche among business publications by publishing articles that strike a balance between the practical and the academic. To this end, articles published in Business Horizons are grounded in scholarship, yet are presented in a readable, non-technical format such that the content is accessible to a wide business audience.  Here is a link to the guide for authors:


    Opportunity for PhD students in International Business to Compete for Best Dissertation Proposal Award

          The competition is sponsored by Nottingham University Business School China. The details will be announced later.


    Important Dates

      Conference Date: June 12-13, 2021, China Time; June 11-12, 2021 US Pacific Standard Time

        Deadline for submission of abstracts, papers: May 10, 2021

        Deadline for conference registration: May 30, 2021


    Conference Registration and Fees (TBA)


    Contact Info

            Please send your submissions to the following


            For inquiries and questions about the conference, please contact the conference organizer via the above email.


    Conference Chairs

    Haifeng Yan  

    East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST)

    Xiaohua Yang

    University of San Francisco (USF)

    Lei Li                         

    University of Nottingham Ningbo China


    Program and Organizing Committee Chairs

    Bing Wu                      ECUST 

    Roger Chen                 USF


    Conference Planning Committee (Alphabetical order by last name)

    Taotao Chen

    Tsinghua University

    Ping Deng

    Cleveland State University

    Gloria Ge

    Griffith University

    Xiaogang He

    Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

    Manli Huang

    South China University of Technology

    Donghong Li

    Tsinghua University

    Ji Li

    Hong Kong Baptist University

    Peter Ping Li

    University of Nottingham Ningbo China

    Weiwen Li

    Sun Yat-sen University

    Yu Li

    University of International Business and Economics

    Jane W. Lu

    City University of Hong Kong

    Ping Lv

    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Xinbo Sun      

    Northeastern University

    Yimin Wang

    Shandong University

    Yonggui Wang

    Foreign Economic and Trade University

    William Wei

    McVan University

    Bing Wu


    Jianzu Wu

    Lanzhou University 

    Xianming Wu

    Wuhan University

    Xiaoyun Wu

    Nankai University

    Hongming Xie

    Guangzhou University

    Zhenzhen Xie

    Tsinghua University

    Hui Xu

    Nankai University

    Xiaojun Xu

    Fudan University

    Gracy(J.Y.) Yang

    University of Sydney

    Guangyu Ye

    South China University of Technology

    Changjun Yi

    HuaQiao University

    Gangfeng Zhang

    Zhejiang University   

    Xiao Zhang

    Nanjing University

    Qinqin Zheng

    Fudan University

    Changhui Zhou

    Peking University

    Jun Zhou

    Soochow University


    Conference Organizing Committee Members

    Xiaodi Lu


    Qihu Wang


    Qiong Wu


    Molin Wang


    Mu Tian


    Cong Su


    Lingshuang Kong


    Liang Wang


    Gleb Nikitenko


    Jonathan P. Allen



    Liang Wang
    Associate Professor
    University of San Francisco
    San Francisco CA