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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS AND APPLICATIONS - Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Organization Design

  • 1.  CALL FOR NOMINATIONS AND APPLICATIONS - Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Organization Design

    Posted 03-03-2020 15:36

    CALL FOR NOMINATIONS AND APPLICATIONS  - Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Organization Design


    The Chairman and Search Committee of the Organization Design Community invite nominations and applications from individuals interested in becoming Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Organization Design, published by Springer Nature. 

    Founded in 2012, Journal of Organization Design (JOD) is the official publication of the Organization Design Community. JOD's mission is to publish theoretically sound and practically relevant articles on all aspects of organization design. JOD is particularly interested in publishing articles that are future-oriented.

    JOD has a distinguished editorial board and a double-blind review process, ensuring that the journal maintains rigorous scientific standards and publishes high-quality work. It is a hybrid journal – both open access and subscription – meaning that it is available online and in print form. The editorial team of JOD is committed to conducting a prompt review and editorial process so that authors are able to publish their ideas and findings in a timely fashion.

    At its annual meeting, the ODC Board of Directors puts forward who should be the Editor-in-Chief. The ideal candidate is an accomplished scholar with a track record of research and leadership in the organization sciences in general and organization design in particular. The Editor-in-Chief will assume overall responsibility for the journal, including tasks such as the commissioning of special issues, appointment of associate editors, managing the flow of manuscripts for review, and developing initiatives that make the journal more visible and influential. Based on the peer review of a manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief and an Area Associate Editor are jointly responsible for determining which manuscripts are best suited for publication. Joint appointments to the Editor-in-Chief role can be considered.

    The Founding Editors of JOD were Professors Børge Obel and Charles Snow. Currently, Professors Metin Sengul and John Joseph are joint Editors-in-Chief, and their term will conclude on December 31, 2020.


    If you would like to nominate someone for this position, including self-nominations, please send a brief statement to the JOD Search Committee. If you would like to apply for the position of Editor-in-Chief, send a brief statement accompanied by your CV. Nomination and application materials should be sent to


    All materials must be submitted by March 31, 2020.





    Dr. Oecon Børge Obel, PhD




    T: +45 87 16 48 35

    Mobile: + 45 20 20 73 55



    Aarhus University
    School of Business and Social Sciences
    Department of Management

    Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture - ICOA

    Building 2610 (S), 321

    Fuglesangs Alle 4,

    DK-8270 Aarhus V, Denmark