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RRBM Webinar: Academic-Practitioner Relationships - Developments, Complexities, and Opportunities

  • 1.  RRBM Webinar: Academic-Practitioner Relationships - Developments, Complexities, and Opportunities

    Posted 24 days ago

    RRBM Webinar: Academic-Practitioner Relationships - Developments, Complexities, and Opportunities

    Speaker: Professor Jean M. Bartunek (Boston College)

    Thursday, 9th September at 10am (Eastern) / 3pm (London) / 7.30pm (Delhi). This webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes (including Q&A).

    Registration: Please register here to receive a personalized Zoom link.

    This webinar is designed to introduce and reflect some of the great variety of components of relationships between academics and practitioners. Prof Bartunek will introduce and talk briefly about each of the several topics below:

    1. True academic-practitioner sharing is pretty much impossible (Kieser & Leiner, 2009)
    2. Some developments in academic-practitioner collaborative research (Louis & Bartunek, 1992)
    3. Some 21st Century developments beyond collaborative research (Tranfield et al., 2003)
    4. A contemporary emphasis on impact, especially in the UK (Macintosh et al., 2017)
    5. Do academics have anything to say? (Harley & Fleming, 2021)
    6. Social Scientists Confronting Global Crises (Schein, 2020, unpublished)

    Suggested reading:

    • Harley, B., & Fleming, P. (2021). Not even trying to change the world: Why do elite management journals ignore the major problems facing humanity?  Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 57(2), 133-152.
    • Schein, E. (2020) Social scientists need to speak up. Unpublished
    • Kieser, A., & Leiner, L. (2009). Why the rigour–relevance gap in management research is unbridgeable. Journal of Management Studies46(3), 516-533.
    • Louis, M. R., & Bartunek, J. M. (1992). Insider/outsider research teams: Collaboration across diverse perspectives. Journal of Management Inquiry1(2), 101-110.
    • Macintosh, R., Beech, N., Bartunek, J. M., Mason, K., Cooke, B., & Denyer, D. (2017) Impact and management research: exploring relationships between temporality, dialogue, reflexivity and praxis.  British Journal of Management, 28: 3 – 13
    • Tranfield, D., Denyer, D., & Smart, P. (2003) Towards a methodology for developing evidence‐informed management knowledge by means of systematic review. British journal of management, 14(3), 207-222.

    About the speaker

    Jean M. Bartunek holds the Robert A., and Evelyn J. Ferris chair and is Professor of Management and Organization at Boston College.  She is a past president of the Academy of Management, from which she won the career distinguished service award.  She is also a past Dean of the Fellows of the Academy of management, as well as a Fellow of the British Academy of Management and the Center for Evidence-Based Management.   She has served as an associate editor of the Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Learning and Education, and the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.  Her primary interests center on academic-practitioner relationships and organizational change.   Her most recent book, with Robert Macintosh, Katy Mason and Nic Beech, is Delivering impact in management research: when does it really happen (Routledge, 2021).  By the time of this presentation she will have an edited book in press entitled Social Scientists Confronting Global Crises (Routledge).

    This webinar is supported by Responsible Research in Business and Management (

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