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JPO Best Paper Awards, 2020/21

  • 1.  JPO Best Paper Awards, 2020/21

    Posted 13 days ago

    Dear members of the JPO community.


    We are excited to announce the winners and runners up of JPO Best Paper Award for 2020/21:




    Ø  ten Dam, E., & Waardenburg, M. (2020). Logic fluidity: how frontline professionals use institutional logics in their day-to-day work. Journal of Professions and Organization, 7(2): 188-204.


    Runners up (alphabetical order):

    Ø  Bryan, A. & Lammers, J. (2020). Professional fission in medical routines: Medical scribes and physicians in two U.S. hospital departments. Journal of Professions and Organization, 7(3), 265–282,


    Ø  Cohen, L. & Duberley, J. (2020). Women in extraordinary times: The impact of external jolts on professional women's careers. Journal of Professions and Organization, 7(3), 247–264,


    Congratulations to the authors of these great papers!


    We are grateful to Michael Smets and the Oxford PSF Hub for sponsoring and enabling the award. 

    See this link for details of the award.


    Many thanks to my fellow editors for shepherding all the excellent JPO papers though the review process – special credit to Beth Goodrick, AE of the winning paper as well as the Bryan/Lammers paper; and to Sabina Siebert, AE of the Cohen/Duberley paper.

    And a special thanks to the Sub-committee of JPO editorial board members who vetted the shortlisted papers:
    Paul Adler, Len Bierman, Forrest Briscoe, James Faulconbridge, Royston Greenwood, Brooke Harrington, Matthias Kipping, Ellen Kuhlmann, Seok-Woo Kwon, Bob Nelson, Amalya Oliver, Mark Pickering, Mike Saks


    With all my best wishes,




    David M. Brock
    Editor-in-chief | Journal of Professions and Organization




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