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Call for Applications: AoM PDW on New Data And Methods In Strategic Management Research

  • 1.  Call for Applications: AoM PDW on New Data And Methods In Strategic Management Research

    Posted 7 days ago
    New Data And Methods In Strategic Management Research
    Friday, Jul 30 2021 5:00PM – 8:00PM ET (UTC-4)

    Bo Cowgill (Columbia Business School)
    Robert Seamans (NYU Stern)
    Arianna Marchetti (London Business School)
    Victoria Sevcenko (INSEAD)
    Florenta Teodoridis (USC Marshall)
    Marco Testoni (Tillburg University)
    Arianna Marchetti (London Business School) & Victoria Sevcenko (INSEAD)
    Sponsors: STR, RM, OMT and TIM Divisions

    The recent advances in machine learning and big data methods are not only shaping the way organizations operate and compete, but are also increasingly impacting academic research through enabling scholars to access ever larger datasets and deploy novel analytical techniques. Building skillsets around cutting-edge methods to gather and analyze such data and produce meaningful insights for research and practice has therefore become a necessity for management scholars. This PDW will provide AoM participants with the opportunity to learn about some of the most popular new computational approaches and tools, as well as data sources to advance the study of organizations and their members, their interactions in the labor market, and the new challenges they confront due to the advent of ever more sophisticated ML techniques. This PDW will be organized in two parts:

    Part I, 5:00PM – 7:15PM (Open to all participants)

    The first part of the PDW will focus on presentations by the invited panelists, covering machine learning applications for natural language processing to study innovation processes and organizational culture using large corpora of text, as well as methodological advances in the study of biased algorithms in evaluating human capital, occupational exposure to artificial intelligence, and social interactions using smartphone geolocational data. The presentations by the panelists will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

    Part II, 7:15 – 8PM (Pre-registration required, due to space limits)

    Following the panel discussion, we will host a shorter paper feedback session in breakout rooms that will be by invitation only, where participants can interact among each other and with the panelists and discuss their ongoing research projects. To apply to the paper feedback session, please submit a paper abstract (up to 350 words) to  and  by 15 July 2021 with the subject "AOM PDW on New Data and Methods in Strategic Management Research – Paper Session Application". Selected participants will be notified ten days prior to the scheduled workshop.

    Please contact Arianna Marchetti ( or Victoria Sevcenko ( with any questions about the PDW or application process.

    Arianna Marchetti
    London Business School