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April 29 Webinar Breakthrough strategies to accelerate team research

  • 1.  April 29 Webinar Breakthrough strategies to accelerate team research

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    Breakthrough strategies to accelerate team research



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    Thursday, April 29, 2021

    1-2 pm PT (4-5 pm ET)


    In this session, we will hear from research leaders about complex and impactful projects, and advance a dialogue with them to investigate if their key insights are translatable to other research opportunities.

    The session will include several brief presentations, followed by a panel discussion:

    Deployment of a rapid, saliva-based testing program for SARS-CoV-2

    Dr. Richard Michelmore, University of California Davis


    Building the framework: Creating UC Davis COVID-19 research response

    Dr. Ana Lucia Cordova-Kreylos, University of California Davis


    Facilitating HIBAR Research through Coordinated Institutional Research Networks

    Dr. Randy Larsen, University of South Florida


    Using big data to fight COVID-19

    Dr. Sylvia Thomas, University of South Florida


    This event is hosted by UC Davis Office of Research. Click here for more event details.

    Registration is required.



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