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Announcing OMT Podcast, Season 2.6 - Emily Block, Authenticity in Academic Life

  • 1.  Announcing OMT Podcast, Season 2.6 - Emily Block, Authenticity in Academic Life

    Posted 01-22-2021 08:41

    Episode 6 of Season 2 of the OMT Podcast is here!


    In the second season of our podcast series, we feature conversations with members of the Organizational and Management Theory division, exploring how they got to where they are today, the cutting-edge questions they are asking, and what motivates them and their work.


    Season 2, Episode 6: Emily Block, Authenticity in Academic Life


    Emily Block, Associate Professor of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada; Emily is also the OMT Division Membership Chair


    Emily provides advice for scholars to be authentic and trust in themselves, even if they do not fit the image of the ‘typical' management scholar or OMT member. She talks about how she was influenced by her family and her professors, and how that experience has shaped what she does in her research.

    Finally, Emily also discusses how she thinks about OMT and helps make it a welcoming community. You can get in touch with Emily, to help or volunteer. If you have not done so, please also check out the initiative on OMT Meetups, which helps junior scholars connect with more senior mentors.

    To find out more about Emily Block, please visit her official faculty profile.


    You can listen to the episode and subscribe to the Podcast on SpreakerSpotifyGoogleiTunes and most of your favorite podcast outlets.

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