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Resource for teaching (Business Simulation Hub)

  • 1.  Resource for teaching (Business Simulation Hub)

    Posted 10-25-2021 11:15

    As a side project that got a bit out of hand, I put together a portal that seeks to list all teaching simulations intended for business schools and undergrads. It remains under work, but it currently lists 141 different simulations, ten of which are free to use. For those developing or thinking about developing simulations, it might offer a way to reach audience. For everyone who teaching something in a business school, it provides easy tools to find suitable simulations and possibility to ask questions / make comments about them.

    If you have any development suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Also please do encourage your colleagues to give it a look!


    Please find the portal at, or Business Simulation Hub:
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    Business Simulation Hub
    This portal host a list of all business simulations with detailed information. We cover simulations used by universities and business schools as well as for corporate talent development. Learn about business simulations and how to incorporate them in your course syllabus, curriculum, internal training, or consulting.
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    Henri Schildt
    Aalto University
    Helsinki (Aalto)