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    AOM PDW - Towards a Community of Computational Theory Construction Scholars
    Application deadline: July 21, 2024
    Time and Location: Saturday, August 10th, 8:00 - 10:30 am. Sheraton: Chicago Ballroom IX.
    Call for Attendees
    Computational theory construction (CTC) is a genre of theory development research in which researchers leverage computational tools to identify patterns within social systems and to theorize these patterns. As this research genre evolves, the community of scholars engaging in CTC is growing. The purpose of the PDW is to (a) unify the community of CTC scholars around a core set of CTC practices, (b) connect computational and qualitative researchers, (c) share review process insights from published CTC papers, and (d) mentor junior scholars pursuing CTC projects.

    Speakers and Mentors:
    Amir Goldberg, Stanford University
    Aron Lindberg, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Ning Nan, University of British Columbia
    Stefan Seidel, University of Cologne
    Ahmed Abbasi, University of Notre Dame
    Emmanuelle Vaast, McGill University
    Nicholas Berente, University of Notre Dame
    Brian Pentland, Michigan State University
    Hani Safadi, University of Georgia
    Shaila Miranda, The University of Arkansas
    Malmi Amadoru, University of Sydney
    Semi Min, The University of Minnesota
    Thomas Grisold, University of St. Gallen
    Submission Guideline
    The PDW consists of two parts. Part I – keynotes and panel discussions are open to all AOM registrants. 
    Part II – roundtable discussions are only for participants who would like to receive feedback on their ongoing or planned projects and have been accepted to attend the roundtables.
    For those who are interested in participating in roundtables, please submit a short vignette before July 21 (max 2 pages in PDF format to
    Please cover the following aspects in your vignette:
    • Brief introduction of the research project
    • How have you combined computational and manual analysis techniques in your research?
    • What struggles have you faced in understanding, using, or considering using computational methods in your theory development work?

    Those who have not conducted any such research, but are planning to do so, can submit short descriptions of your intended work, also focusing on your planned combination of manual and computational techniques or related questions.

    We look forward to seeing you and engaging in fruitful discussions at the PDW!

    Best Wishes,
    Sophie Zhai, Malmi Amadoru, Aron Lindberg, Shaila Miranda
    The Organizers

    Sophie Zhai
    University of Oklahoma
    Norman OK