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CALL FOR AOM PDW PARTICIPANTS: AI, Health Care & Organizations (application required)

  • 1.  CALL FOR AOM PDW PARTICIPANTS: AI, Health Care & Organizations (application required)

    Posted 18 days ago
    Artificial Intelligence, Health Care and the Changing Nature of Organizations and Professional Work
    Professional Development Workshop
    2022 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
    6 August 2022: 11:00am-1:00pm (Pacific – Seattle Time)
    Hybrid Interactive format: Seattle + Virtual Zoom "meeting" style live and synchronous


    We are excited to announce the PDW "Artificial Intelligence, Health Care and the Changing Nature of Organizations and Professional Work" jointly sponsored by the Communication, Digital Technology and Organization Division, the Healthcare Management Division, and the Organization and Management Theory Division. In this highly interactive PDW, we will provide participants with the opportunity to reflect on the theme: how should we as management researchers study AI in healthcare? How can we meaningfully study the effects and the consequences of AI implementation on healthcare organizations and professionals? By bringing together a selected number of scholars actively researching this topic, the PDW will explore the implications of AI for organizational dynamics and professional work. The PDW consists of two parts:

    • Part 1: Following an introduction on AI in management, the PDW will center on a Panel discussion in which the audience will contribute questions in advance (when registering to the PDW) and in real-time. Questions will be targeted to Panel members based on each panel member's specific expertise or, alternatively, be presented to all Panel members inviting their diverse viewpoints on the same question. Part 1 will be open to both online and on-site participants;
    • Part 2: on-site round tables, each facilitated by a panelist or a PDW organizer, will allow participants to engage in deeper conversations. The membership of each round table will be decided in a way that ensures representation across management areas, theoretical and methodological perspectives. At the end, the different round tables will share their findings with the general audience. The PDW will conclude with plans for future community engagement opportunities. Part 2 will be open to on-site participants only.

    Apply now

    The event is aimed at researchers at all career stages (PhDs, postdoc, early career faculty, established faculty), interested in and pursuing work at the intersection of AI and Healthcare.  

    Participation in the PDW requires pre-registration. To register, please send an email to indicating: (1) the question for the Panel members; (2) whether you will be participating on-site or online; (3) a brief, one-sentence explanation of your research interests as they relate to the PDW topic. Registration deadline: Friday, 1 July 2022.


    • Michael Barrett (Cambridge University)
    • Samer Faraj (McGill University)
    • Becky Karp (Harvard University)
    • Stella Pachidi (Cambridge University)
    • Batia Mishan Wiesenfeld (New York University)
    • Angela Aristidou (UCL School of Management)
    • Giulia Cappellaro (Bocconi University)
    • Natalia Levina (New York University)

       For further information, please write to the PDW Organizers: Giulia Cappellaro (, Angela Aristidou (

      Any updates to this call for applications will appear here:

      More information on AOM 2022 can be found here:

      We look forward to seeing you!

      Angela, Giulia and Natalia

      Giulia Cappellaro, PhD
      Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences, Bocconi University
      Honorary Senior Research Fellow, UCL School of Management

      Giulia Cappellaro
      Bocconi University