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Nov 15 HIBAR Research Alliance Webinar Supporting Inclusive Recognition of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • 1.  Nov 15 HIBAR Research Alliance Webinar Supporting Inclusive Recognition of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    Posted 11-06-2023 11:38
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    Supporting Inclusive Recognition of

    Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    An overview of the Promotion & Tenure -

    Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PTIE) effort

    Wednesday, November 15, 2023

    11am-noon PT (2-3pm ET)

    All are welcome - please feel free to share this event notice.


    Universities today can, and should, enable greater contributions toward solving society's critical

    problems while also boosting academic excellence. To do so, universities must ensure that promotion and tenure processes fairly assess and value entrepreneurial, innovative endeavors that can produce the kind of societal impacts that universities are increasingly being called on to provide.

    Oregon State University, with support from the U.S. National Science Foundation, facilitated a national conversation on how to inclusively recognize innovation and entrepreneurship impact by university faculty in promotion, tenure, and advancement guidelines and practices. This led to the creation of the Promotion & Tenure - Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PTIE ) effort, which now involves more than 65 U.S. institutions and numerous national stakeholder organizations. This work  has resulted in a comprehensive set of recommendations for promotion and tenure reform

    Webinar speakers Rich Carter and Almesha Campbell will describe the networked-systems approach PTIE has taken to develop a nationwide coalition. They will share how universities can use the resulting framework to better align the intellectual capabilities of their faculty with an innovation economy, and how the strategy can be broadly applicable, beyond innovation and entrepreneurship, to recognize the many and evolving dimensions along which faculty create societal impacts.

    Webinar speakers:

    Dr. Rich Carter

    Oregon State University

    Dr. Almesha Campbell

    Jackson State University

    Rich Carter is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Faculty Lead for Innovation Excellence in the Office of Research at Oregon State University. He is the Principal Investigator of the NSF-funded program that led to the creation of the PTIE effort.

    Almesha Campbell is the Assistant Vice President for Research and Economic Development at Jackson State University (JSU). For over 10 years, she served as the Director for Technology Transfer and Commercialization at JSU and continues to manage the intellectual property process from triage of invention disclosures to commercialization.

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