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Scholars in Residence (CM) - Call for Interest

  • 1.  Scholars in Residence (CM) - Call for Interest

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    Are you looking to become more involved with the Conflict Management Division? Are you looking to connect with and mentor young scholars in the field of conflict management? Please consider joining the Scholars in Residence!

    The CMD seeks nominations for 2 scholars in residence for a 2-year term beginning September 1, 2024. Nominees to the Scholars in Residence must be available to jointly host at least two virtual workshops (teaching or research-related) a year, and serve as an expert on various professional development workshops at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Nominees should be interested in mentoring doctoral students and junior faculty, engaging in the division, and idea generation and development of conference-related activities.

    Scholars in Residence Nominee Requirements Include:

    • Must be a member of (or willing to join) AoM Conflict Management Division.
    • Must have accumulated a minimum of ten (10) years of academic experience post-graduation, or tenured with significant experience mentoring doctoral students and faculty.
    • Must have evidence of scholarly contributions that fit in the division's subject domain, which encompasses a wide range of topics and methodologies. The CMD domain includes:
    • The nature and management of conflicts at the individual, group, organizational, inter-organizational and societal level
      • Power processes, including influence, coalitions, coercion, deterrence, and persuasion
      • Trust
      • Bargaining and negotiation, negotiator characteristics and behaviors
      • Collaboration and competition
      • Third party interventions (such as facilitation, arbitration, mediation)
      • Distributive, procedural, and restorative justice and dispute resolution procedures

    Self-nominations are encouraged.

    To apply for this program, please submit your materials here. ( ) The deadline for receipt of all nominations is August 1, 2024. New Scholars in Residence will be announced at the beginning of August 2024.

    For additional information or clarification, please contact me at

    On Behalf of the Conflict Management Division Executive Board,

    Estelle E. Archibold, PhD

    Representative at Large – Conflict Management Division

    Estelle Archibold
    Post Doctorate Research Fellow
    Pennsylvania State University
    Durham NC