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WEBINAR: Studying Paradox and Grand Challenges

  • 1.  WEBINAR: Studying Paradox and Grand Challenges

    Posted 02-16-2020 09:18
    Dear Colleagues,

    Join the community of parados scholars for a WEBINAR - Studying Paradox and Grand Challenges on Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020, 3-5 pm EST.

    Grand challenges such as poverty, climate change and inequality surface multiple paradoxes. They involve several actors and relationships[1], introducing diversity and tensions into the context. There is uncertainty in grand challenges. Future forecasting in the present is difficult, making evident temporal tensions [2]. As well, underpinning grand challenges are multiple and evolving criteria of worth [3] such as social-profit and global-local, rendering these tensions salient.

    Grand challenges afford a unique context to understand paradox, and paradox research has the potential to inform the research on grand challenges. Yet, these research endeavors are far from easy. The multi actor, dynamic and systemic nature of these challenges do not lend themselves to simple research design, analysis and theorizing.

    In this webinar, we hear from three accomplished researchers who have published high impact papers on grand challenges. These researchers will offer tips and advice for studying paradox and grand challenges. Subsequently, we will engage in a discussion with the webinar participants on their challenges of studying grand challenges, and collectively work toward solutions. We hope you join us!

    To join, RSVP here: You will receive the Zoom login details once you RSVP. The deadline to RSVP is Friday, Feb 21.


    Introduction (5 min)
    Wendy Smith, University of Delaware
    Opportunities and Challenges in Studying Grand Challenges and Paradox (15 min)
    Tobias Hahn, ESADE
    Insights from Studying Grand Challenges and Paradox: Tips and Advice (15 min each):
    Paula Jarzabkowski, Cass Business School
    Juliane Reinecke, King's College London
    Natalie Slawinski, Memorial University
    Audience Q&A (20 min)
    Wrap-up and call for continued engagement (5 min)
    Garima Sharma, University of New Mexico

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    [2] Ferraro, F., Etzion, D., & Gehman, J. 2015. Tackling grand challenges pragmatically: Robust action revisited. Organization Studies, 36(3): 1–28.

    Wendy Smith
    University of Delaware
    Newark DE
    (302) 831-1570