Call for Abstracts - June 15 - Seeing the Whole Together for Complex Systems Change - Relational Coo

When we see the whole together, we can more easily find solutions to complex challenges such as equitable healthcare, community well-being, climate change and world peace.  However this is easier said than done, especially for leaders navigating in systems under stress.  Each stakeholder necessarily sees each situation from their own unique perspective. But through dialogue and deep listening we can understand each other’s perspectives and see the whole together.  Relational theories, methods and practices can be helpful for this purpose. 

At this Roundtable, hosted at UC Berkeley November 8-9 by Professors Amanda Brewster, Hector Rodriguez and Steve Shortell, we will explore how relational coordination and social networks can help stakeholders see the whole together, design solutions for complex challenges, and engage in coordinated collective action for multilevel systems change.

This annual Roundtable is a great opportunity to network and share your early stage work or work in process for feedback from researchers AND practitioners, in a smaller community setting dedicated to positive relational change in large and small systems.

Call for Abstracts here!

Starts:  May 29, 2024 09:00 (NL)
Ends:  Jun 22, 2024 17:00 (NL)
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Jody Hoffer Gittell