Role Descriptions

The OMT Division Chair is a 5-year elected position, which progresses as follows: Program Chair Elect (Year 1); Program Chair (Year 2); Division Chair Elect (Year 3); Division Chair (Year 4); Past Division Chair (Year 5).

The OMT Representative-at-Large is a 3-year elected position. A total of two representatives are elected each year, and rotate from first-year reps to second-year reps to third year reps.

The OMT Global Representative-at-Large is a 3-year elected position. One representative is elected each year and rotates from first year to second year. The focus of this position is to serve the OMT division in growth areas and enhance the global presence of OMT.

There are several non-elected officer and committee chair positions. These positions entail 3-year appointments, with the opportunity for continued yearly renewals. Positions available include Treasurer, Communications Committee Chair, Social Media Chair, Research Committee Chair, and Data Analytics Chair. Additionally, each of these committees needs volunteer members.

Members of the Finance Committee include the Division Chair, the Incoming Division Chair and the Treasurer.

For more information download the Officer Role Descriptions.