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TIM workshop August 18th: Organizations in the Age of AI

  • 1.  TIM workshop August 18th: Organizations in the Age of AI

    Posted 08-14-2020 13:44
    Edited by Elisa Operti 08-16-2020 16:22
    The TIM division invites you to our third "Beyond the conference" workshop.

    All details are below:

    August 18th, 5pm CEST (Paris) time - 11am EDT (NY) time

    Registration link

    • • Fabrizio Dell'Acqua, Columbia Business School
    • • Patryk Perkowski, Columbia Business School

    • Bruce Kogut, Columbia Business School
    • Robert Channing Seamans, NYU Stern
    • Nan Jia, U. of Southern California
    • Florenta Teodoridis, California Southern U.
    • Bo Cowgill, Columbia Business School

    Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) performs a wide range of tasks with performance superior to humans. Over the past few years, AI has increasingly diffused within organizations. These developments will likely have a profound impact on the structure of organizations and the extent of division of labor between humans and machines. When will humans compete with AI and when will they coordinate and work alongside it? More broadly, the rise of automation raises important organizational questions related to job specialization, task division, and team design. New ethical questions within firms are also emerging. As humans and automated agents increasingly interact, we need a comprehensive framework that explains how human-machine interaction will influence organizations. This PDW brings together a panel of experts to explore the impact of AI on organizations, with a focus on the division of labor within firms and human-machine interaction. Short research presentations will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with workshop participants structured around future important questions in this research space. Our goal is to develop a conversation that combines views that are emerging in the literature, stimulates collaborations on these topics, and develops a common research agenda.

    Elisa Operti
    Associate Professor
    Management Department - ESSEC Business School