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OMT Meetups: Call for Senior Scholars

  • 1.  OMT Meetups: Call for Senior Scholars

    Posted 04-18-2022 15:12
    OMT Meetups - Invitation for Senior Scholars

    Over the past three rounds of meetups, we have arranged over 1000 meetings between senior and junior scholars from around the world. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we could not have accomplished this without the support of our wonderful OMT community.

    Given some glimmer of normalcy in the horizon while still being mindful of the ongoing challenges brought on by Covid-19, we hope to launch our 4th round of OMT Meetups for May, June, and July. Based on feedback from senior and junior scholars, we have introduced a few more options including having flexibility in the timing of the meetups and an option for peer mentoring. However, the basic premise of pairing up senior scholars with junior scholars remains the same.
    We have had over 50 returning senior scholars sign up already. Our hope is to encourage new senior scholars to participate in the OMT Meetup initiative so that we can accommodate as many junior scholars as possible. 

    Would you like to sign up to be a senior scholar? Here is the link:

    Thank you again for everything you do for the OMT community. You are what truly makes OMT the Place to be! 

    On behalf of the OMT Meetups Committee:

    Shelby Gai

    Richard Haans

    Shelby L. Gai, PhD

    Assistant Professor – Management

    Michigan State University