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Call for Research Proposals: 2024 AOM PDW on OMT & DEI Intersections

  • 1.  Call for Research Proposals: 2024 AOM PDW on OMT & DEI Intersections

    Posted 05-22-2024 09:28
    Edited by Muhan Zhang 05-22-2024 09:47

    Please consider submitting your research proposal for a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) titled "OMT & DEI Intersect: Performing Research and Publishing on Organizations and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion."


    Part 1 and the presentations in Part 2 (details below) are open to everyone. Participation in the roundtable discussions is determined by application.

    In Part 2, participants will engage in roundtable discussions led by six distinguished scholars. These sessions are designed to foster dialogue and development of paper ideas or ongoing projects within the broad theme of the PDW. Each roundtable will be accessible only to pre-registered participants who have submitted a two-page extended abstract of a project related to the workshop's theme. A discussant will be assigned to each proposal to provide focused feedback and guidance.

    Submission Guidelines:

    • Topic Focus: The two-page proposals must specifically address research questions related to the intersection of Organization and Management Theory (OMT) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Topics of interest include how organizational and institutional pressures influence an organization's adoption of DEI policies and practices, as well as the consequences of these practices on organizational outcomes.
    • How to Submit: Proposals should be submitted using the following form:
    • Deadline for submission: July 1, 2024.
    • Notification: Accepted proposals will be notified before August 1, 2024.

    Panelists/Mentors for the roundtable discussion:

    • Sekou Bermiss, UNC Chapel Hill
    • Olenka Kacperczyk, London Business School
    • JungYun Han, National Taiwan University
    • John-Paul Ferguson, McGill University
    • James Westphal, University of Michigan
    • Forrest Briscoe, Penn State University


    The event is scheduled for Aug 9 at 9 AM at Fairmont in Regent Room. Below are the details for the PDW. Please note that attendance at the roundtable discussion is limited to participants who have pre-registered; however, other parts of the PDW are open to everyone. For more information regarding the roundtable, please reach out to Muhan Zhang (, Danqing Wang ( or Shipeng Yan ( We look forward to seeing you there!


    Welcome & Introduction (9:00 AM)

    Part 1: Publishing DEI Research (9:05 AM-10:15 AM)

    Panelists present their experiences publishing DEI work, focusing on the challenges of backgrounding, foregrounding, or dropping DEI. This part is open to all.


    Time (in mins)

    Ashleigh Rosette

    Katina Sawyer

    Lauren Rivera

    Matthew Bidwell


    Questions from the audience for panelists


    Part 2: Presentations and Roundtables (10:15 AM-11:55 AM)

    Panelists present their working papers on DEI from a macro perspective. This part is open to all.


    Time (in mins)

    Forrest Briscoe

    John-Paul Ferguson

    JungYun Han

    Olenka Kacperczyk

    Sekou Bermiss

    60 (12 mins * 5 presenters)

    Participants who have provided a 2-page proposal ahead of time will be divided into groups to discuss their recent research ideas with panelists. This part is by application only.



    Time (in mins)

    Round Tables

    Forrest Briscoe

    James Westphal

    John-Paul Ferguson

    JungYun Han

    Olenka Kacperczyk

    Sekou Bermiss


    Session Wrap-up (11:55 AM)

    PDW Organizers:

    Audrey Holm, HEC Paris

    Danqing Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 

    Mary Miata Struzska-Tyamayev, Boston College

    Muhan Zhang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Poonam Zantye, Boston College

    Shipeng Yan, The University of Hong Kong

    Vanessa Conzon, Boston College

    Muhan Zhang
    State College PA