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Join Our SMS Saturday Session on Future Directions of Addressing Endogeneity Issues

  • 1.  Join Our SMS Saturday Session on Future Directions of Addressing Endogeneity Issues

    Posted 09-29-2023 04:03

    Join us in SMS Toronto for an engaging discussion on the progress and future directions of our field in addressing endogeneity issues.

    Session 2538 - Twenty-Five Years of Accounting for Endogeneity in Strategy Research: Reflecting on Progress and Discussing Future Directions

    Sunday, October 01

    08:00 - 09:15  h

    Room: Birchwood


    • Mary Benner, University of Minnesota
    • Alfonso Gambardella, Bocconi University
    • Brent Goldfarb, University of Maryland
    • Myles Shaver, University of Minnesota
    • Evan Starr, University of Maryland

    In this session, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Shaver's (1998) landmark work on Accounting For Endogeneity When Assessing Strategy Performance. Over the past two decades, endogeneity concerns have been increasingly recognized by strategy scholars. Leading journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Global Strategy Journal have explicitly encouraged authors to use causal inference when investigating their research interests. Thus, we intend to use this Sunday panel to reflect on the progress our field has made and to discuss directions for future research. First, Myles Shaver will talk about why he wrote the paper in the first place and what he has learned by writing the paper. Next, other panelists will share their insights on the topic or related issues moving forward. Finally, a Q&A session will be expected by exchanging ideas with the audience.

    Zhiyan "Z" Wu
    Assistant Professor
    Erasmus University