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Organization Studies – Volume 45 Issue 05 (May 2024)

  • 1.  Organization Studies – Volume 45 Issue 05 (May 2024)

    Posted 05-14-2024 06:59


    Our May Issue is here!

    Organization Studies – Volume 45 Issue 05 (May 2024)


    Maintaining the Meritocracy Myth: A critical discourse analytic study of leaders' talk about merit and gender in academia.

    Jean Clarke, Cheryl Hurst, Jennifer Tomlinson

    How Authoritarian Regimes Use Organizations to Solidify Control: A theory of pro-forma cooptation and an empirical test from reappointments to congress in China.

    Stanislav D. Dobrev, Zheng Cheng, Xiaoyu Yang

    Catastrophe to Consensus: Hegemonic performativity in climate adaptation.

    Nichole Wissman, David Levy, Daniel Nyberg

    What  We Do in the Shadows: How expert workers reclaim control in digitalized  and centralized organizations through 'stealth work'.

    Peter Kalum Schou, Torstein Nesheim

    Perspectives: Politics in Organization Studies

    Politics in Organization Studies: Multi-disciplinary traditions and interstitial positions.

    Damian O'Doherty, Christian De Cock

    Media Reviews

    Media Review: The University and the Global Knowledge Society.

    Kerstin Sahlin

    Media Review: New Laws of Robotics.

    Maura Soekijad

    Paolo Quattrone
    Alliance Manchester Business School