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Organizational Design Community Annual Virtual Conference 2023

  • 1.  Organizational Design Community Annual Virtual Conference 2023

    Posted 09-26-2023 11:55

    The Organizational Design Community is pleased to announce that its annual conference will be held virtually on October 26-27, 2023. The theme for this year's conference is "Organizing for Good". Recent years have seen a growing interest in moving beyond the traditional emphasis on shareholder value maximization to embrace a more holistic role for organizations in society. Yet key questions on whether, and how, organizations can truly deliver on these social goals while remaining financially viable remain to be answered. Similarly, organizations that pursue non-profit goals are adopting new organizing models to embrace digital technology, attract new and unconventional ways of funding, and collaborate across sectors.

    This year's conference, co-organized by Tina Ambos and Aseem Kaul, seeks to address these questions, examining how social and financial goals can be brought together in the context of large established organizations, new start-ups, and cross-sector collaborations. Moreover, as achieving meaningful social impact requires bringing together academic insights and real-world practice, this year's conference will showcase and discuss contemporary examples of innovative organization designs addressing the sustainable development goals through the use of new approaches, technologies, and business models.

    The conference is open to all and free for members of the Organizational Design Community (non-members will be charged a registration fee). If you'd like to attend, please sign up at:


    October 26th: 12 pm to 4 pm EST

    12.00-12.15 Opening and Introductions

    12.15-13.30 Session 1: Collaborative Organizing for Good

    Dovev Lavie (Bocconi), Sergio Lazzarini (Ivey), and Aline Gatignon (Wharton)

    Interactive session format 

    Break 13.30-13.45

    13.45-15.00 Session 2: Equity and Purpose in Large Organizations:

    Claudine Gartenberg (Wharton), Chris Rider (Univ of Michigan), and Ruth Aguilera (Northeastern Univ)

    Interactive session format

    Break 15.00-15.15

    15.15-15.55h Session 3: A Conversation on Creating Impact

    Geoff Davis (Sorensen Impact Institute) and Jonathan Doh (Villanova Univ)

    Conversation style discussion 

    15.55-16.00 Closing of Day 1


    October 27th8 am to 12 pm EST 

    8.00-8.10: Opening

    8.10-9.25 Session 4: Alternative Organizing Models for Social Impact: Chris Marquis (Cambridge), Wesley Koo (Johns Hopkins Univ), Sophie Bacq (IMD)

    Interactive session format

    Break 9.25-9.40

    9.40-11.00 Session 5: Technology-enabled Forms of Organizing

    conversation style discussion with Chris Fabian (UNICEF, Giga project) with comments and perspectives from Phanish Puranam (INSEAD) and Vivanna Fang He (Univ of St. Gallen).

    Break 11.00-11.15

    11.15-11.45 Session 6: Journal of Organization Design Special Issue "Organizing for Good"

    Oliver Baumann (Univ of Southern Denmark) and Brian Wu (Univ of Michigan) 

    11.45-12.00 Closing of the Conference by ODC Directors

    Aseem Kaul
    University of Minnesota
    Minneapolis MN