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Review for OMT! We need YOU!

  • 1.  Review for OMT! We need YOU!

    Posted 01-05-2024 10:10

    Did you already signed up to review for OMT?  THANK YOU to the 346 of you who already signed up.

    Did you NOT sign up yet? Here's the chance to sign up now.  We need at least another 404 of you to sign up in the next 4 days. 

    In case you need some motivation, here are my 12 reasons to review below (apologies if you received this as an email already this morning!). 
    Wendy Smith
    OMT Program Chair

    12 Reasons to Sign Up as an OMT Reviewer

    1.       It's easy. You only receive 3 papers/symposium to review, and it's much easier than a journal review.

    2.       It's your professional responsibility. Did you submit a paper/symposium? If so, then you should also be signing up to review for others just as they will review for you (hmmm… guilt?!).

    3.       It's great skill-building and resume-building. Are you a PhD student or junior faculty member and wonder if you should be reviewing? YOU SHOULD! Reviewing for the conference is a great way to build your reviewing skills and add it to your resume.

    4.       It's great mentoring.  Are you a senior faculty member and wonder if you should be reviewing because you are ready to take a break?  YOU SHOULD. With gratitude for all that you have already done, reviewing papers for the conference remains an easy and important professional role to help mentor the next generation.

    5.       You get the insider look.  You get the first look at some of the hottest (hopefully) straight-off-the-press ideas.

    6.       All the cool kids are doing it. Do you think everyone is bowing out and you feel like a lemming that you are the only one reviewing? Actually… most of your peers DO sign up to review.

    7.       It's good karma. Do you think you might want to be involved in OMT Division leadership one day? Then hopefully, it will come back to you to have good karma when you ask people to review. 

    8.       It's a good positive energy boost. You'll feel great when I (Wendy) post a slide at this year's OMT Business Meetings showing how many people reviewed and you were one of them.

    9.       You can win an award. OMT gives out the ABCD Award – Above and Beyond the Call of Duty – to our top reviewers. It's a great resume booster!

    10.   OMT is the place to BE. Are you reviewing for another division?  Consider doing so for OMT as well. As the only division with 'theory' in our name, OMT should be *at least* everyone's second division (if not the first).  Are you not sure if you belong in OMT? You do!  And reviewing for the division is a great way to try it out and see if it works for you.

    11.   You'll make me happy. OK, it's not your job to make me happy, but given that OMT needs at least 750 reviewers to be assigned to about 2100 reviews, I will be overjoyed to see YOUR NAME on the reviewer list

    12.   And… a partridge in a pear tree! 

    OMT Program Chair

    Wendy Smith
    University of Delaware
    Newark DE
    (302) 831-1570