2019 Spring OMT Newsletter

Please enjoy our 2019 Spring Newsletter, packed with updates and announcements.

  • Chair’s Message – Davide Ravasi, University College London, introduces this issue of the OMT Division newsletter and looks ahead to the upcoming Annual Meeting in Boston.
  • Program Chair Renate Meyer shares an overview of our scholarly program.
  • PDW Chair Martin Kilduff previews the pre-conference programs.
  • Research Committee Chair Lori Yue announces our paper and symposium award winners for this year.
Other Conference Activities

Follow these links for details of the Doctoral Consortium, Junior Faculty Consortium, or Dissertation Proposal Workshop, and consider applying to our second annual Doing Organizational Research Around the World – Opportunities and Challenges Workshop.

Be sure to check out our growing list of incredibly popular OMT off-program events, and please attend our Monday morning Distinguished Scholar Breakfast to congratulate Lynne Zucker and hear her award talk.

We continue to strengthen our partnership with EGOS. In addition to our Meet OMT @ EGOS Reception (in Edinburgh), we will be co-hosting our Meet EGOS @ OMT Reception (in Boston).

In Closing

A special thanks to our Sponsors.  For future sponsorship information, contact Davide Ravasi, OMT Division Chair.

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OMT 2019 Scholarly Program Highlights

Dear OMT Community,

First and foremost —our very sincere thank you to all of you who submitted to OMT and all those who participated in this year’s review process. It was terrific to see the response from the OMT community to the calls for reviewers: Close to 1100 reviewers from 54 countries stepped up and devoted their time, work, and energy to helping OMT create another exciting program for this year in Boston. I would like to especially thank all the emergency reviewers who were available on short notice and helped us meet the deadline. Thank you so much!

Scholarly Program
313 papers and 101 symposia on a wide range of topics including Status Hierarchies, Networks, Social Movements, Categories, Stigma, Future of Work, Novel Organizational Forms, Social Innovation, Board Structures, Inequality, Learning, Identity, Paradoxes, Digitalization, Temporality, Institutional Pluralism, Communities, Hybridity, and many other topics.

We also have the following Showcase Symposia this year:

  • New Frontiers in Organizational Learning
  • Brokers Behaving Badly
  • Historical-Evolutionary Organization Studies: Understanding the Past to Create an Inclusive Future
  • Towards A Practice-Driven Institutionalism: Exploring Institutional Change In Praxis
  • Situated Institutions: The Role of Place, Space and Embeddedness in Institutional Dynamics
  • The Marginalized, the marginalizing and the quest for legitimacy
  • The Ecology of Signals and Strategies in Labor Markets
  • Expanding social theory: implications for management, strategy, and organization studies
  • Searching for social order in extreme contexts
  • OMT Distinguished Scholar Breakfast (Mon 8 – 9.30 am) Words of Wisdom from Lynne Zucker
  • OMT Business Meeting (Mon 6:30 - 7:30 pm) Come and find out what the OMT division is up to and receive the 2019 OMT artifact.
  • Meet EGOS@OMT (Fri 6:30 - 8:30 pm) and OMT Social Hour (Mon 7:30 – 9:30 pm) Come to meet longtime and newer OMTers and connect with our friends from EGOS.
  • OMT Events (varying times – stay tuned to our electronic channels for details) We will again host a wide variety of off-program events self-organized by OMT members in non-official venues.  These events are designed to encourage people to get together in informal settings around common interests (academic or non-academic).

Please be sure to join us, and continue to make “OMT, the Place to Be!”

Best regards,

Renate E. Meyer

OMT Program Chair

OMT 2019 Pre-Conference Programs

OMT features an outstanding set of 36 PDWs this year that cover a wide range of emerging issues and continuing interests. OMT also offers many opportunities to meet, engage, and get to know each other including our Social Events, OMT Cafés, and other off-program events. Here is a glimpse of this year’s program.

Again this year, we have a number of developmental workshops designed to support our doctoral students and early-career scholars. The OMT Doctoral Student Consortium (Friday 7.30am to 4 pm) and the OMT Junior Faculty Consortium(dinner on Thursday August 8, and meetings on Friday 8 am to 5 pm) feature a list of dedicated and diverse mentors to help scholarly development.

These Consortia also include Teaching Roundtables to help you develop your skills. As usual, both events are by invitation after a competitive application process (the application deadline for both is April, 30). The OMT Dissertation Proposal Workshop  established OMT scholars provide wisdom and expertise to help doctoral students developing their dissertation proposals – is a classic by now, and will take place on Saturday, 11.30 am to 1.30 pm, organized by Davide Ravasi. Deadline for applying is June 14, 2019.

If you are new at OMT or have not been participating for some time, please join us at the OMT New and Returning Member Networking and Research Forum (Friday, 5.15 pm to 6.45 pm). We have established this forum to welcome you to our division and make you feel ‘at home’ in our community. Join us and meet leading scholars, long-standing OMT members, and other new members, share your interests with us and discuss your research.

There is once more a great set of method-oriented workshops where research tools and approaches are presented and discussed. We offer a workshop on the visual presentation of data: Evidence Presentation: How to Visualize Your Data and Why It is Important; two workshops that focus on social network analysis (Introduction to Social Network Analysis and Teaching Social Networks), one on Computational Approaches to the Study of Culture, one on Experiments in Institutional Theory and Strategy Research, one on methods to investigate Big Data, Algorithms and Culture; and one on ethnography: Being there/Being Them: The Future of Ethnography.

In addition, several PDWs discuss the analysis of specific research areas, namely emotions: Getting Emotional: Theorizing About and From Data at the Intersection of Emotions and Institutions; sports: Using Sport Data to Advance Management Theory; flows of meaning in social networks: What Do You Mean? How to Research and Interpret Meaning Flows in Social Networks; and Learning from Errors and Failures: Integrating Insights from Macro and Micro Research.

Several workshops focus on core and vibrant OMT topics such as:

  • Behavioral Theory of the Firm,
  • Organizational Hybridity,
  • Optimal Distinctiveness,
  • Temporary Organizing,
  • Stigma Research,
  • Organization Design,
  • Shared Ownership,
  • Trust between Individuals and Organizations,
  • Industry Emergence,
  • Strategic CSR in Emerging Economies,
  • Towards a Practice-Driven Institutionalism and
  • Innovation in Professional Services.

There is also a set of PDW’s that are reflective in considering how past research can guide and integrate with new developments. These PDW’s that invoke the past to understand the present and the future include:

  • Socialism in Management Thought and Practice: Past, Present, Future;
  • Rejuvenating System Perspectives in Management Research;
  • Unsung Papers: Ideas that Got Away and Reflections from Their Authors;
  • Understanding the Foundation of the Social Sciences;
  • Social Movements, Stakeholders, and Non-Market Strategy;
  • Contemporary lessons from Mary Douglas;
  • Classics of OMT: The Contingency Approach.

 This year’s conference theme encourages us to study the inclusive organization. This theme is indeed present across sessions including those on Shared Ownership, Trust, Strategic CSR, Social Movements, and Socialism.

The OMT Cafés and Happy Hours will return as an off-program series of events. These are popular, topically themed discussions in local cafés and restaurants, where scholars come together to meet others with similar interests in a casual self-hosted cafe setting.

Finally, make sure not to miss our major OMT events:

  • Meet EGOS @ OMT (Friday 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm) to start off the conference.
  • OMT Distinguished Scholar Breakfast (Monday 8:00 am to 9:30 am) to hear words of wisdom from our Distinguished Scholar, Professor Lynne Zucker.
  • OMT Business Meeting (Monday 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm) to learn what OMT is up to, see what prizes were awarded, and receive your OMT Artefact.
  • OMT Social Hour (Monday 7:30pm to 9:30 pm) to drink, snack, and continue on the OMT fun!

Please come and join us at one or all of these events (just be sure to pre-register for those sessions which require it for logistical reasons). Even if you are not (yet) a member of OMT—all are welcome.

We look forward to welcoming you to OMT, the place to be, in Boston.

Chair's Message

Welcome back to the OMT newsletter! Everything is (more or less) ready for the AOM conference in Boston. Thanks the precious help of hundreds of contributors and thousands of reviewers. Renate Meyer and Martin Kilduff have put together an excellent programme, making OMT once again The Place to Be!

OMT has been quite active in the last few months.

On January 31st and February 1st, the UCL School of Management and the Cass Business School have co-hosted in London, United Kingdom, our second Paper Development and Writing Workshop. This event, organized in conjunction with the Winter Meeting of the Executive Committee, has seen 31 young scholars from all over Europe attend talks, socialize, and receive feedback on their work from 13 members of the OMT Executive Committee.

The workshop was generously co-sponsored by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS). Additional support was provided by the Samuel Curtis Johnson School of Management, Cornell University, and UBC W. Maurice Young Centre for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Research. Stay tuned for the next edition – no pressure, Peer :-)

On April 5th and 6th, in Dubrovnik, Croatia (for Game of Thrones’ buffs, that’s where they shot scenes in King’s Landing) Martin Kilduff and I ran a Research Development Workshop, hosted and sponsored by the University of Zagreb, as part of the annual OFEL conference. It was the seventh edition of this workshop. Initially started as an outreach initiative dedicated to young scholars in South-East Europe, it now attracts students from all over Europe amplifying opportunities for networking and socialization.

Finally, Marc-David Seidel and I recently joined Henrich Greve and other representatives of the ASQ editorial team in Bangalore on April 27th and 28th for another outreach initiative intended to deepen the intellectual exchange between scholars of organization theory in South Asia and their peers across the world. The event will be hosted and generously sponsored by the Indian Institute of Management, and is organized by our very own Rep-at-Large, Dalhia Mani, who has put together an impressive schedule, full of talks, seminars, and mentoring sessions.

More initiatives are being explored to reach out to OMTers around the world. Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events!

The rest of this newsletter is designed to help you plan the OMT part of your Summer:

  • Program Chair Renate Meyer reports on what promises to be another superb Program in Boston in August.
  • PDW Chair Martin Kilduff gives you all of the details of an exciting Pre-Program, including all of our PDWs & Consortia.
  • Once again, Membership Committee Chair Emily Block is pulling together our Off-Program OMT Events. There is still an opportunity for you to organize a casual café, a group meal, a healthy break, and other creative off-program gatherings.
  • Research Committee Chair Lori Yue keeps you in the loop about our latest award winners.
  • Our Global Representatives at Large, Sun Hyun Park and Dahlia Mani will organize a second edition of the excellent workshop on Doing Organizational Research Around the World – Opportunities and Challenges.
  • Don’t forget to join us for:
    • The Distinguished Scholar Breakfast to congratulate Lynn Zucker and hear her words of wisdom.
    • The Junior Faculty Consortium.
    • Our Doctoral Consortium.
    • The OMT Dissertation Proposal Workshop.
    • The New and Returning Member Networking & Research Forum (Friday, August 9th, 17:15 – 18:45).
  • Like last year, we will also have the pleasure of co-hosting with EGOS the Meet EGOS @ OMT reception in Boston.
  • And if you going to the Annual EGOS Colloquium in Edinburgh, do not miss the Meet OMT @ EGOS reception, on Thursday, August 8th, at 18.00!
  • Keep an eye out for a message from Peer Fiss with the OMT election results as soon as they are available to let you know who you have elected to join the volunteer OMT executive board.

In addition to all of your activity, our activities would not be possible without the generous financial support of all of our sponsors. We keep a detail of all of our sponsors online and updated all the time, and I encourage you to have your organization join in supporting with all of these amazing Sponsors.

On behalf of the entire executive board, thank you for continuing to make OMT The Place to Be!

Best wishes,

Davide Ravasi

2019 OMT Division Chair

OMT 2019 Award Winners

Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award


Arvind Karunakaran (Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University) Navigating Status-Authority Asymmetry between Professions: The Case of 911 Emergency Management

Runner Up

Christian Stutz (U. of Jyväskylä & HWZ U. of Applied Science, Zurich) Fear and deinstitutionalization: The case of identity threat by mass immigration

Also Nominated

Shoonchul Shin (Richard Ivey School of Business) The Restructuring Imperative: Deviation, Performance and CEO Dismissal in the Shareholder Value Era

Callen Anthony (New York U.) Analytical Tools and the Practices of Validation in the Production of Strategic Analysis

Best International Paper Award


Isabel Brüggemann (U. of Cambridge) and Jochem Kroezen (U. of Cambridge) Turning Antagonists into Supporters: Establishing Legitimacy in Hostile Environments

Runner Up

Sofiane Baba (U. of Sherbrooke), Taieb Hafsi (HEC Montreal), and Omar Hemissi (ESC Alger) Institutional Change as a Discovery Process through the Development of Awareness

Also Nominated

Thomas Luebcke (German Maritime Search and Rescue Service), Norbert Steigenberger (Jonkoping International Business School), Hendrik Wilhelm (U. of Cologne), and Indre Maurer (U. of Goettingen) How Core Actors Coordinate Distal Actors in Organizational Routines

Tomas Farchi (IAE - U. Austral), Danielle Logue(U. of Technology, Sydney), Pablo Fernandez (IAE Business School), Roberto  Vassolo (IAE Business School, Argentina and  Pontificia U. Católica de Chile, Ingeniería Industrial) Seeking Socially Innovative Solutions to Complex Social Problems.

Best Paper Award


Colleen Stuart (Johns Hopkins U.) and Roman V. Galperin (Johns Hopkins U.) Extra-organizational determinants of careers: Gendered expert authority and attainment of patent examiners

Runner Up

Richard Benton (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and J. Adam Cobb (The U. of Texas at Austin) Eyes on the Horizon? Fragmented Elites and the Short-Term Focus of the American Corporation

Also Nominated

Ben Rissing (Cornell U.) and Kwan Seung Lee (Cornell U.) Inside Jobs: The Employment of Internal and Domestic Hires in High-skill and High-pay Positions

Michael Smets (U. of Oxford), Amanda Cowan Moss (U. of Rhode Island), Andromachi Athanasopoulou (Queen Mary U. of London), Chris Moos (U. of Oxford), and Tim Morris (U. of Oxford) From taking to making paradox: A multi-level perspective on how CEOs balance nested paradoxes

Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices Award


Sunasir Dutta (U. of Minnesota), Daniel Armanios (Carnegie Mellon U., and Jaison Desai  (U.S. Army) Why Physical Connectivity Still Matters: New Bridges and Entrepreneurship in Geographic Communities

Runner Up

Madeleine Rauch (Copenhagen Business School) Silencing Emotions: Survival through Narrating and Narrating for Survival

Also Nominated

Vera Blazevic (Radboud U. Nijmegen) and Kristina Lauche (Radboud U. Nijmegen) Working the net: creating momentum for sustainability through a common narrative

Timo Fiorito (U. of Twente) and Michel Ehrenhard (U. of Twente) Understanding organizational integrity from an institutional perspective

Best Student Paper Award


Eva-Maria Kirchberger (Imperial College Business School) Authentic Adaptation as a way out? Response by de novo category pioneers to de alio entrants

Runner Up

Isabelle Solal (INSEAD) The Gendering of Money: How Gender Influences Matching in the Market for Entrepreneurial Finance

Also Nominated

Kwan Seung Lee (Cornell U.) How Firms Competitively Became Anti-competitive: The Diffusion of Noncompete Agreements, 1996-2015

Best Entrepreneurship Paper Award


Vera Rocha (Copenhagen Business School) The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Community Integration: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment

Runner Up

Francesca Bacco (U. Ca' Foscari of Venice) and Anna Comacchio (U. Ca' Foscari of Venice) The Role of Boundary Organizations in Collaborations between Incumbent Firms and Start-ups

Also Nominated

Jonathan Sitruk (LMU Munich), Stine Grodal (Boston U.), Fernando Suarez (Northeastern U.), and Ludovic Dibiaggio (SKEMA Business School) Moving Beyond Labels: Text, Images and Biases in Categorization

Dali Ma (Drexel U.) and Cheng Wang (Drexel U.) Civic Engagement in the Creation of Entrepreneurship

Best Symposium Award


Ronald S. Burt (University of Chicago) and Martin J. Kilduff, (University College London), Brokers Behaving Badly

Runner Up

John Joseph (University of California, Irvine), Cheon Mok Kim (University of California, Irvine), Robert Klingebiel (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) New Frontiers in Organizational Learning

Also Nominated

M. Tina Dacin (Queen’s University) and Tammar B. Zilber (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Situated Institutions: The Role of Place, Space and Embeddedness in Institutional Dynamics

Chris Klinghardt (University of Edinburgh Business School) and John Amis (University of Edinburgh Business School) The Marginalized, the marginalizing and the quest for legitimacy

Olga M. Khessina (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), O?zgecan Koc?ak (Emory University), and Ying Li, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) The Role of Communities in Organizational Emergence and Proliferation

2019 OMT Research Committee Members

A hearty thank you to all of the scholars who generously volunteered their time to the OMT Research Committee in 2018! They did all of the hard work in evaluating the nominees and selecting winners, a wonderful service to the division. The Research Committee represents a broad sample of OMT’s membership, as you can see below. Please join me in thanking our committee members, and consider joining the committee next year as a volunteer!

Name School

Yoonjin Choi                                London Business School

Aharon Cohen Mohliver            London Business School

Benjamin Cole                            Fordham University

Laura Doering                             University of Toronto

Sunasir Dutta                              University of Minnesota

Bob Eberhart                               Santa Clara University

Vibha Gaba                                 INSEAD

Sam Garge                                  HKUST

Jianhua Ge                                  Renmin University of China

Joel Gehman                              University of Alberta

Simona Giorgi                             University of Bath School of Management

Abhinav Gupta                            University of Washington

Derek Harmon                            University of Michigan

Ruthanne Huising                      EMLYON Business School

Anna Kim                                     HEC Montréal

Sharon Koppman                       UC Irvine

Balazs Kovacs                            Yale School of Management

Ricky Leung                                University at Albany

Jamber Li                                     National University of Singapore

Ningzi Li                                       University of Colorado, Boulder

Jiao Luo                                       University of Minnesota

Michael Mauskapf                      Columbia Business School

Mae McDonnell                          University of Pennsylvania

Jennifer Merluzzi                        George Washington University

Ivana Naumovska                      INSEAD

Sarah Otner                                Imperial College London

Eugene Paik                                University of Mississippi

Sun-Hyun Park                           Seoul National University

Kelly Patterson                           Santa Clara University

Kunyuan Qiao                             Cornell University

Aruna Ranganathan                   Stanford Univesity

Wei Shen                                     Arizona State University

Adina Sterling                             Stanford Univesity

Kati Takacs-Haynes                   University of Delaware

Hovig Tchalian                            Claremont Graduate University

Maxim Voronov                          York University

Danqing Wang                            Hong Kong University

Song Wang                                 Zhejiang University

Shipeng Yan                               City University of Hong Kong

Trevor Young-Hyman                University of Pittsburgh

Jiayin Zhang                                Tsinghua University

Pavel Zhelyazkov                       HKUST