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We need YOU to review for OMT!

  • 1.  We need YOU to review for OMT!

    Posted 12-12-2021 17:11

    Dear OMT Members and Friends,

    Have you never reviewed for OMT in the past?  We need you!

    Have you never attended the Academy of Management meetings?  We need you!

    Have you reviewed for OMT in the past?  We definitely need you again!!!

    This year we will need again about 1,200 reviewers-so far only about 250 have signed up!!!

    You do not need to be members of OMT yet, or even the Academy of Management, to serve as a reviewer. We welcome people worldwide at all stages of their careers. You do not even need to be planning to attend the annual conference (although we welcome you to submit research and join us in August in Seattle if you can!).

    Reviewing is a great opportunity for scholars to learn about the OMT review process and read some of the newest work in the field before anyone else. We expect to receive hundreds of submissions for the 2022 Academy OMT program and we need your help to review them.

    Please sign up now to review for OMT in 2022!

    Signing up is really easy. Please go to and click the "Sign In" button. When you come to the Division and Interest Group Selection please be sure to choose OMT!!!

    Our reviewer assignment will be based on the keywords you indicate as your areas of interest and expertise. The review period is from January 20 to February 17, 2022. We recognize and award the very best OMT reviewers with an award from the OMT Division!

    Please note that even if you have reviewed in the past, you still need to sign up again for the 2022 Annual Meeting. OMT depends on a terrific pool of reviewers and we need you, your friends, your colleagues, and your enemies to sign up in order to ensure a great program in Boston.

    Thank you in advance for willingness to contribute to the field in this important way!


    Forrest Briscoe
    OMT Program Chair


    Forrest Briscoe
    Academy of Management
    OMT Division Program Chair 2022