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The OMT Fall 2021 Newsletter Is Here!

  • 1.  The OMT Fall 2021 Newsletter Is Here!

    Posted 11-07-2021 10:06
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    Dear OMTers,

    We're excited to bring you the OMT Fall 2021 Newsletter (also attached), packed with fresh reports and interviews! This newsletter adopts a new format and is now in a single PDF document. Hopefully you will find it convenient and pleasant to read.

    Please don't miss the award interviews at the end of the newsletter. We have created several video resources, such as the Interview of OMT Distinguished Scholar Award Winner, Interview of OMT Best Published Paper Award Winners, and Interview of OMT Best Symposium Award Winners, among other exciting award interviews. Click the newsletter to find out!

    In closing, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Special thanks to this year's sponsors! For future sponsorship information, please contact Martin Kildduff, OMT Division Chair.

    Best regards,

    Shipeng Yan
    OMT Communications Coordinator

    Shipeng Yan
    Assistant Professor
    The University of Hong Kong
    Hong Kong


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