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  • Dear OMT division folks, we would like to invite you to submit long abstracts/papers for the 2021 Virtual EGOS  Sub-theme 23 : Diversity Contested: Struggles for Recognition and Redistribution in and around Organizations. The deadline is January 12, 2021. ...

  • "Responsible Research in Business & Management Awards" Webinar III   December 11, 2020, Friday, 11am-1pm AZ; 1-3 pm NY time; 6-8 UK   If you want to learn how to conduct award-winning research that can also potentially change the world ...

  • These essays are the 3 rd part of a series of thought-provoking commentaries in which leading scholars from our field sketch how COVID-19 will impact the future of management research. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic confronting the world with a rapid, ...

  • Call for papers to a special issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Management [SSCI 1.891, Scopus, CNRS**, CABS**, VHB***] on The Great Reset of management and organization theory Proponents Steffen Roth, Full Professor of Management, La Rochelle ...

  • MANAGEMENT A.B. FREEMAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS - TULANE UNIVERSITY The A. B. Freeman School of Business is seeking applicants for a full-time, tenure-track faculty position in management beginning July 1, 2021. The position may be at the level of Assistant ...

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  • AOM this year was definitely not what we all initially anticipated. However, just as many of our habits and routines have had to change over the past few months, how we attend conferences has also changed. My friends and colleagues never tire of telling ...

  • When AOM announced that the Vancouver meetings would be canceled and the conference would move online, I started thinking about all the things I would miss. But I also began thinking about some of the possible advantages. Maybe having everything ...

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  • As we continue to shift everything online, life is slowly turning into a video game. And with a virtual AOM right around the corner, what better thing to do than to pass along a few cheat codes. You know, remember when hitting Up-Down-Up-Down-Right-Right-Down ...

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  • Job market recap: With the AOM virtual conference around the corner, catch the important highlights and takeaways of Thursdays with OMT in the latest OMT Blog post by Mariam Siddiqui. Mariam Siddiqui PhD Candidate in Management ...

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  • OMT Online Meetups are an initiative launched recently by the OMT Executive Committee to help PhD students and junior scholars talk with and get advice from more senior scholars. Here’s a faculty perspective about the meetups from Robert Eberhart: ...

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  • Episode 3 of Season 2 of the OMT Podcast is here!

    Episode 3 of Season 2 of the OMT Podcast is here!

    In the second season of our podcast series, we feature conversations with members of the Organizational and Management Theory division, exploring how they got to where they are today, the cutting-edge questions they are asking, and what motivates them and their work.


    Season 2, Episode 3: Daniel Armanios


    Daniel Armanios, Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, in the United States

    Daniel Armanios

    In this special, extended “Black Friday” episode, Daniel talks about how, despite being in an engineering department, he works in the field of management and organisation theory. Daniel has always wanted to be an academic (and he has a long list of degrees to show for it) and discusses how he manages to put all of them to good use. He also explains why teaching is really enriching for his research.


    To find out more about Daniel Armanios, please visit his official faculty profile.


    You can listen to the episode and subscribe to the Podcast on SpreakerSpotifyGoogleiTunes and most of your favorite podcast outlets.


  • Announcing the Launch of OMTea and the Resumption of OMT Meetups

    Dear OMTers,


    I hope you and your dear ones are navigating safely through these disrupted times!

    AOM has announced recently that the Annual Conference 2021 will be held virtually again. Of course, we were hoping to be able to meet you in person again next year, but we appreciate that the decision was taken early. This gives us all the opportunity to adequately plan the event building on our rich experiences. We will keep you updated when we hear more from AoM.


    Forrest Briscoe, our PDW Chair, and Eva Boxenbaum, the 2021 Program Chair, are looking forward to receiving your submissions! Please make sure to help also by signing up as reviewer – OMT needs you more than ever!


    In addition to the preparations for the 2021 Conference and following up on the excellent feedback we received from participants, the OMT Executive Board has started to revive the virtual events we started in the last spring. We will again be hosting the OMT MeetUps for which PhD students can sign up to connect in a one-on-one call with OMT scholars to talk about research, scholarship, teaching, career, life, etc. Stay tuned for more information!


    We will also continue our long tradition of off-program OMT Cafés with a new format – OMTea. OMTeas are thematic virtual meetings that take place outside the conference period. If you are interested in hosting one of them or can volunteer in any other capacity, please contact our OMG Membership Chair Emily Block and/or our Digital Strategy Officer Mélodie Cartel.


    Stay well!


    Best regard,




    Renate E. Meyer

    Professor of Organization Studies, WU Vienna

    Professor in Institutional Theory, CBS Copenhagen

    OMT Division Chair