OMT Membership Group and OMT Meetups

Hi OMTers!


We miss seeing you all and are looking excitedly toward the time when we can all gather in person once more. Until that happens, the OMT Membership Group continues to find ways to create connections even from a distance.


We are moving into our second month of OMT Meetups. With most conferences and external speaker visits being cancelled, junior faculty and PhD candidates no longer have the opportunity to interact with senior scholars such as yourself to share their research projects and ideas and get early feedback on their emerging research agendas and identities. Meetups provide an online version of the kind of one-on-one conversation that would occur organically during a visiting seminar or at a reception at AOM. It gives OMT members a chance to chat with senior scholars about what they're working on or what they're excited about in their research; to get general advice on journals/publications or building a research identity; or to just chit-chat about something else entirely and just get to know them better. We have over 150 junior OMT members and 100 senior Scholars participating in what we hope will be a new tradition!


We would also like to take the chance to introduce to you the newest member of our team, Shelby Gai. Shelby is an Assistant Professor in Management at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business. Her research lies at the intersection of organizational theory and strategy, with a particular focus on the corporate governance context. She received her PhD in Management and Organizations from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.


Over the next two years, Shelby will be transitioning into the OMG chair and is excited to not only continue but also expand all of the exciting OMG programming.


As always, we are looking for volunteers to help organize OMT Cafe's and other social activities during the conference this year.  Please contact Emily or Shelby if you would like to host an event.


-Shelby (and Emily)