PDW Chair's Message

OMT 2021 Professional Development Workshops and Social Events


This year OMT features an outstanding set of 26 division-sponsored PDWs, covering a wide range of emerging issues and continuing interests. OMT also offers many opportunities to meet, engage, and get to know each other including our Social Events.

Here is a glimpse of this year’s program.


Again this year, we have a number of developmental workshops designed to support our doctoral students and early-career scholars. The OMT Doctoral Student Consortium and the OMT Junior Faculty Consortium will take place on the AOM’s new Consortium Day (August 4) and feature a list of dedicated and diverse mentors to help scholarly development. These Consortia also include Teaching Roundtables to help you develop your skills. As usual, both events are by invitation after a competitive application process. (The application deadline for both is May 15, 2021.)


The OMT Dissertation Proposal Workshop – where established OMT scholars provide wisdom and expertise to help doctoral students developing their dissertation proposals – is a classic by now, and will take place on Saturday, July 31, organized by Renate Meyer. Deadline for applying is June 1, 2021.


The OMT Global Consortium: Doing Organizational Research Around the World will be held asynchronously this year. This new format will ensure scholars from all over the world can participate, regardless of time-zone.  As well, it will increase the peer-to-peer activities, the depth of the feedback to each participant, and give participants the chance to exchange with experienced scholars in very small groups at a mutually convenient time. The objective of the workshop is to facilitate networking and discussion around the unique challenges and opportunities of planning, implementing, and publishing high quality organizational research using international settings. Applications are due June 1, 2021.


If you are new at OMT or have not been participating for some time, please join us at the OMT New and Returning Member Networking and Research Forum (Friday, July 30). We have established this forum to welcome you to our division and make you feel ‘at home’ in our community. Join us and meet leading scholars, long-standing OMT members, and other new members, share your interests with us, and discuss your research.


There is once more a great set of method-oriented workshops where research tools and approaches are presented and discussed. We offer a workshop on Phenomenological Methodologies for Institutional Theory; one on Publishing Multimodal Research; one on Experiments in Institutional Theory and Strategy Research, and one on ethnography: Behind the Scenes of Highly Cited Organizational Ethnographies.


Two OMT workshops focused on social network analysis, Introduction to Social Network Analysis and Teaching Social Networks, will be held asynchronously this year. Look for more forthcoming details on how to participate.


In addition, several PDWs discuss the analysis of specific research areas, namely:

  • crises: Understanding a Crisis through Communal Theorizing;
  • climate change: System change, not climate change: Opportunities and constraints in current and alternative systems;
  • cultural industries: Culture & Technology: Building Bridges Across Innovation & Entrepreneurship Research Contexts
  • emotions: Getting Emotional: So What? Using Emotions to Explain Institutional Processes; 
  • improvisation: Using Quantitative Research Strategies to Extend Theory on Organizational Improvisation; and
  • language: Language, Meaning, and Organizing: Exploring Multi-level Theorizing and Analysis;
  • microfinance and hybridity: A microfinance lens on hybridity: Key takeaways, limitations, and opportunities; and
  • sports: Using Sport Data to Advance Management Theory;


Several workshops focus on core and vibrant OMT topics such as:

  • Trust between Individuals and Organizations,
  • Optimal Distinctiveness,
  • Stigma Research,
  • Organizational Networks Research,
  • Occupations in Organizations, and
  • Innovation in Professional Services.


A unique PDW this year on Classics of Management and Organization Theory: (Forgotten) Women in Organizational Scholarship explores and celebrates the foundational work of female scholars in OMT.


Please note that the vast majority of our division PDWs will be live synchronous events held during this year’s remote conference days. A small set will instead be conducted asynchronously, and this should be indicated clearly in their listing in the online program.


Finally, make sure not to miss our major OMT events:

  • Meet EGOS @ OMT (Friday, July 30) to start off the conference.
  • OMT Distinguished Scholar Breakfast (Monday, August 2) to hear words of wisdom from our Distinguished Scholar, Professor Paul Adler.
  • OMT Business Meeting (Monday, August 2) to learn what OMT is up to, see what prizes were awarded, and receive your OMT Artifact.
  • OMT Social Hour (Monday, August 2) to partake in the virtual OMT fun!


Please come and join us at one or all of these events. (Just be sure to pre-register for those sessions which require it for logistical reasons.) Even if you are not (yet) a member of OMT—all are welcome.


We look forward to welcoming you to OMT, still the place to be in 2021… even in cyberspace!


Forrest Briscoe (Penn State University)