The name of this organization shall be the Organization and Management Theory Division of the Academy of Management, hereinafter referred to as the OMT Division.




Section 1 – Mission

OMT Division’s mission is to attract, develop and serve academics and practitioners who wish to advance the understanding of organizations and organizing.


Section 2 – Objectives

We will fulfill our mission by

  • encouraging innovative organizational and management theory research using a plurality of perspectives and multiple methods;
  • providing a place in which scholars from various divisions can share a common bond of intellectual and research interests;
  • fostering links between researchers, practitioners, and teachers to enhance our research, teaching, and practice;
  • serving the developmental needs of our members;
  • providing a link to other professional groups; and
  • representing the OMT Division and its members’ interests within the broader AOM community and beyond.




Membership in the OMT Division is open to any member of the Academy of Management who is committed to the Division's mission and objectives.




Section 1 – Business Meeting

The Division shall hold one regularly scheduled business meeting each year, preferably at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. The Executive Committee may schedule other business meetings as necessary.


Section 2 – Executive Committee and Division Board Meetings

Divisional officers meet twice annually. Once on the Sunday of the annual meeting of the Academy of Management and a second time, in late January or early February to handle division governance issues and planning for the annual meeting program.




Section 1 – Governance of the Division

(a) The Division’s Executive Committee shall consist of fourteen officers elected by the Division membership; the Division Board shall be comprised of all elected officers and all officers appointed by the Executive Committee.

(b) The Division shall be governed by an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall approve any operating policies or procedures necessary for the functioning of the Division which are not provided by the Bylaws until such can be acted upon by the membership. All issues will be approved or disapproved by a simple majority of the Executive Committee.

(c) Division officers shall encourage the development of committees, task forces, and support roles to provide meaningful opportunities for membership involvement, training in the conduct of divisional affairs, and an increase in divisional activities.


Section 2 – Officers and their Duties

(a) Elected Officer Positions

Elected officers are: Division Chair, Division Chair-Elect, Program Chair, Program Chair-Elect (PDW Chair), Past Division Chair, nine Representatives-at-Large.


(1) Division Chair (5-years)

The Program Chair-Elect is elected each year. S/he will progress to Program Chair the following year. The Program Chair will progress to Division Chair-Elect the following year, the Division Chair-Elect progresses to Division Chair, and the Division Chair to Past Division Chair. Consequently, members elected to the position of Program Chair-Elect will serve a total of five years in different capacities.

Year 1 – The Program Chair Elect shall

  • work with the Program Chair on the development and coordination of the OMT Division program at the annual Academy of Management conference, in particular develop and coordinate the OMT Professional Development Workshops and other preconference activities including the Division Consortia and Social Activities;
  • assume any other responsibilities requested by the Division Chair and/or Executive Committee and agreed to.

Year 2 – The Program Chair shall

  • be responsible for the development and coordination of the OMT Division program at the annual Academy of Management conference;
  • assume any other responsibilities requested by the Division Chair and/or Executive Committee and agreed to.

Year 3 – The Division Chair-Elect shall

  • act as Chair of the Nomination Committee and be responsible for the officer election;
  • liaise with Chair of the OMT Best published paper award;
  • act for the Division Chair in the Chair’s absence or disability;
  • assume any other responsibilities requested by the Division Chair and/or Executive Committee and agreed to.

Year 4 – The Division Chair shall

  • oversee the Division activities and administer all affairs of the Division in coordination with the Executive Committee, the Division Board, the officers of the Academy of Management, and in compliance with the Academy's Professional Divisions Policy Committee;
  • chair the Executive Committee and the Division Board;
  • be responsible for Division budget, oversee the expenditures of the Division and be accountable to the membership for proper management of all Divisional activities and expenditures;
  • convene the two annual officers’ meetings;
  • convene the annual Business Meeting of the Division and present a report on the status of the Division at that meeting;
  • organize and convene the ‘OMT Dissertation Proposal Workshop’.

Year 5 – The Past Division Chair shall

  • provide council to the Division Chair, the Executive Committee and the Division Board;
  • take on special projects and assignments as needed/requested by the Division Chair and/or Executive Committee and agreed to.

(2) Representatives-at-Large (3-year term)

Representatives-at-Large shall serve for three years; three will be elected each year. They shall

  • represent the views of the membership at the Executive Committee;
  • coordinate various consortia, PDWs and other activities of the Division;
  • assume any other responsibilities requested by the Division Chair and/or the Executive Committee and agreed to.


(b) Non-Elected Officer Positions

(1) Appointed officers will include a Treasurer and other officer positions appointed, as seen necessary, by the Executive Committee. Duties of other appointed officers shall be worked out with the Executive Committee to facilitate the operation and fulfillment of the mission and objectives of the Division.

(2) Unless otherwise specified, all appointed officers shall be appointed for a three-year term. These appointments can be renewed at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

(3) The Treasurer shall

  • track and project sources and uses of Division funds
  • collect and maintain the Division's financial records;
  • provide financial information to the Executive Committee as needed;
  • maintain compliance with Academy of Management financial guidelines;
  • generate invoices and requests for funds to facilitate the flow of funds into and out of the Division’s financial accounts.


Section 3 – Committees

(a) The committees of the Division shall include an Executive Committee, a Nominating Committee, a Research Committee, and other ad hoc or standing committees with specific task responsibilities and objectives as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee to assist with the fulfillment of the mission and objectives of the Division.

(b) The purpose of the Research Committee is to promote and develop member skills in research and theory building, and to aid the OMT Program Chair in making OMT award decisions.

(c) Membership on the Research Committee and each ad hoc committee shall be determined by its appointed chairperson in consultation with the Executive Committee.




Section 1 – Nomination

(a) The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee. The Nominating Committee shall work diligently to assure that the elected members of the Executive Committee represent the diversity of the broad membership of the Division and the Academy and to ensure openness in the election process.

(b) To ensure timeliness and encourage the widest possible participation of the membership, nominations are done electronically using the Academy of Management’s online resources. A call for nominations will be distributed in January through official Academy of Management channels. It lists the positions to be filled in that year, the deadline for return of nominations, and space for the nominator to comment on qualifications of the nominee(s). The Division Board will generate additional nominations to develop a slate of candidates for each position.

(c) The Chair of the Nominating Committee collects the slate of nominees. At the Executive Committee’s and Division Board’s Winter Meeting all nominations are discussed.

(d) All members of the Division are eligible to hold office except those who (a) are officers or officer nominees of other divisions or (b) have served as OMT officers within the last year.

(e) The Nominating Committee shall provide a slate of at least two candidates, or if not possible, one candidate and a write-in option, for the positions of Program Chair-Elect and for each Representative-at-Large (total of six Representative-at-Large nominees). Consent of each nominee shall be obtained prior to publication of the slates.


Section 2 – Election

(a) As Chair of the Nominating Committee, the Division Chair-Elect shall be responsible for coordinating and overseeing the election in coordination with the Academy of Management Office. The election shall be conducted by electronic ballot.

(b) The individuals elected to the positions will be the nominees with the greatest number of votes.


Section 3 – Removal of Officers

The Division will follow the Academy-level policies for removal of officers.




  1. Any proposed amendment must be made available to the Division's members at least one month prior to a vote on the Amendment(s).
  2. Amendment of the Bylaws shall be by a majority of those members voting through a web-based ballot using Academy of Management channels.

The full document of the bylaws is also available.