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Advances in Cultural Entrepreneurship (RSO Vol. 80) now available!

  • 1.  Advances in Cultural Entrepreneurship (RSO Vol. 80) now available!

    Posted 05-03-2022 03:43

    We are pleased to announce that Advances in Cultural Entrepreneurship, Volume 80 of Research in the Sociology of Organizations, is now available online and in print. 

    This volume should appeal to those interested in the cultural, institutional, and socio-cognitive dimensions of entrepreneurship, innovation, and change. Edited by Christi Lockwood and Jean-François Soublière, the volume contains contributions from 25 leading and emerging scholars.

    Please check it out: 


    Two Advances in Cultural Entrepreneurship Research
    Christi Lockwood & Jean-François Soublière

    Part A. Putting 'Culture' in Cultural Entrepreneurship

    Change-maker and Culture-bearer: Entrepreneurs as Evangelists and Shepherds of Culture
    Felipe Massa

    Giving Voice to Persuasion: Embodiment, the Voice and Cultural Entrepreneurship
    Jean Clarke & Mark Healey

    Giving Sense to Market Categories: Analogies and Metaphors in the Early Emergence of Quantum Computing
    Oona Hilkamo & Nina Granqvist

    Toward a More Cultural Understanding of Entrepreneurship
    Daniel Hjorth

    Cultural Entrepreneurship: Theorizing the Dark Sides
    Joel Gehman & Tyler Wry

    Part B. Taking Cultural Entrepreneurship Beyond 'Entrepreneurship'

    The Perfume of Traditions: Cultural Entrepreneurship and the Resurrection of Extinct Societal Traditions
    Francesca Bacco & Elena Dalpiaz

    From Surgeries to Startups: The Impact of Cultural Holes on Entrepreneurship in the Medical Profession
    Chad Carlos & Shon R. Hiatt

    Too Much, Too Soon: A Framework for Understanding Unintended Consequences of Cultural Entrepreneurship on Market Emergence
    Jade Lo & Eunice Rhee

    Shaping Cultural Meanings in Markets with Category Strategy and Optimal Distinctiveness: An Agency-based Perspective
    Cameron Verhaal & Elizabeth Pontikes

    An Audience-based Theory of Firms' Purposefulness
    Rodolphe Durand & Paul Gouvard

    Mapping the Multiverse: A Cultural Cartographic Approach to Realizing Entrepreneurial Possibilities
    Tim Hannigan, Yunjung Pak & Dev (P. Devereaux) Jennings


    Two Decades of the Theory of Cultural Entrepreneurship: Recollection, Elaboration, and Reflection
    Mary Ann Glynn & Michael Lounsbury

    Christi Lockwood
    University of Virginia
    Charlottesville VA