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Organization Studies Call for Special Issue Proposal

  • 1.  Organization Studies Call for Special Issue Proposal

    Posted 05-07-2022 12:00
    Dear Colleagues,

    Organization Studies
    invites Special Issue proposals on important topics that fall within the Aims and Scope of the Journal. Each year, there are two deadlines for submission of Special Issue proposals: 31 January, and 30 September.

    Special Issue proposals must contain the following elements:

    Name, affiliation, and short CV of proposed Guest Editors (5 is the maximum number of Guest Editors, including a representative from the OS Senior Editor team);

    2. Call for Papers for the Special Issue, including:
    a. A provisional title of the Special Issue;
    b. Justification for dedicating an entire issue of Organization Studies to this Special Issue topic: what is its broad appeal and what are its projected theoretical, practical, policy, and societal implications for the field?
    c. The Special Issue's objective(s) and scope, including potential themes to be addressed by the various contributions.

    Further details
    on how to prepare the proposal are available here.

    Please submit your proposal to:

    We look forward to receiving your ideas!
    The Editorial Team

    Paolo Quattrone
    Alliance Manchester Business School