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Position: Assistant Professor (fixed-term) at Kyoto University, Japan

  • 1.  Position: Assistant Professor (fixed-term) at Kyoto University, Japan

    Posted 10-25-2021 22:43
    Edited by Yutaka Yamauchi 10-25-2021 22:44
    Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University, seeks candidates for a fixed-term assistant professor in the field of design, art, creativity and culture. The position can start as early as April, 2022 and be extended until March, 2026. 
    The Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University invites applications for Assistant Professor (a fixed-term, non-tenure-track assistant professor) in the field of management and other related social science fields such as sociology and anthropology, beginning as early as in April, 2022. Preference will be given to candidates with the capacity to publish in top-tier management and social science journals on such topics as design, art, culture and creativity. This position is funded by the MEXT* project (hereafter, "project") on training creative professionals based on design and art thinking. A successful candidate will be able to focus on research with a limited level of teaching and other obligations. 

    Located in the ancient capital of Japan, Graduate School of Management provides a vibrant intellectual and collegial environment. GSM has MBA programs taught in English and Japanese and a Ph.D. program. It is highly ranked and respected in Japan and Asia. Kyoto University is a top national university in Japan that covers almost all the academic disciplines, from natural sciences to humanities and social sciences. An emerging research cluster of design, art, culture and creativity consists of Japanese and international scholars who are interested in a wide range of topics, such as aesthetics, crafts, creative industries, hospitality, and service design.

    Kyoto University provides a range of supporting services to international researchers, such as visa applications, Japanese language training, housing search, and other logistical issues related to relocation.

    * MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

    We are looking forward to receiving applications. 
    Yutaka Yamauchi