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AOM 2022 Panel Symposium—For Goodness’ Sake: The Next Wave of CSR Research in an Impact-Oriented World (session 217)

  • 1.  AOM 2022 Panel Symposium—For Goodness’ Sake: The Next Wave of CSR Research in an Impact-Oriented World (session 217)

    Posted 10 days ago

    Please join us on Friday August 5th (15:30-17:00) for our in-person panel symposium at AOM featuring:

    • Ruth Aguilera - Northeastern U.
    • Michael Barnett - Rutgers U.
    • Mark DesJardine - Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
    • Olga Hawn - U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    • Pushpika Vishwanathan - U. of Amsterdam

    The business case for CSR is a dominant paradigm in management research which argues that organizations should pursue CSR to maximize profits. However, stakeholders increasingly demand managers consider the short- and long-term societal impact of their decisions, such that many stakeholders likely remain unsatisfied by CSR that is primarily oriented toward short-term financial goals. For this panel symposium we bring together esteemed scholars with expertise in CSR and corporate sustainability to debate whether, why or why not, and how researchers should re-conceptualize the business case for CSR by comparing, contrasting, and reconciling the instrumental and injunctive perspectives of CSR.

    The panel will:

    1. Offer a current perspective on the state of the business case for CSR, its importance, and its shortcomings;
    2. Debate the extent to which researchers should seek to re-conceptualize the business case for CSR; and, finally,
    3. Propose a launching point for future research on the topic.

    In preparation of this panel symposium, you may submit questions prior to the event by emailing This is not required to attend the event, and the event includes a Q&A session where you will have a separate opportunity to ask questions of the panelists that come up during the panel discussion. By allowing prospective attendees to submit questions in advance, we hope to ensure there are enough audience questions for the Q&A session and to gain a sense of your expectations for the panel discussion. We cannot promise that all questions submitted in advance will be answered during the event, but we will attempt to pose a representative sample of the questions to the panelists during the Q&A session. For any other inquiries regarding this panel symposium, please also email


    • David Skandera - U. of Central Florida
    • Bram Van Der Kroft - Maastricht U., School of Business & Economics
    • Kevin Chuah - Northeastern U.

    Kevin Chuah
    Northeastern University
    Boston MA