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AOM Panel Symposium: "A Critical View on Achieving Organizational Resilience: Unpacking the Underlying Trade-offs" (Session 1742)

  • 1.  AOM Panel Symposium: "A Critical View on Achieving Organizational Resilience: Unpacking the Underlying Trade-offs" (Session 1742)

    Posted 8 days ago

    Dear all,

    We cordially invite you to join us for a panel symposium focusing on challenges encountered in achieving organizational resilience, where we will have both academic and practitioner perspectives (link). The symposium will take place virtual Zoom 'meeting' style on August 9
    th 2022 from 08:30AM to 10:00AM (Seattle / Pacific Daylight Time). 

    Vibha Gaba, INSEAD: A Way Forward for Multi-level Analysis of Organizational Resilience
    Hazhir Rahmandad, MIT Sloan School of Management: Aligning Resilience and Efficiency through Social Capital
    Hart Posen, Wisconsin School of Business: Microfoundations of Organizational Resilience: Its Sources and Challenges
    Heidi Askin, The Bel Group: A Practitioner's View on Buffering and Adaptation: A Necessary Paradox for Organizational Resilience

    Ekin Ilseven, INSEAD

    In past decades, many natural disasters and social crises that occurred even before the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic have directed the attention of many scholars towards organizational resilience. There have been many reviews and reconceptualizations of this construct that are paramount for rigorous future research which have highlighted the complex multi-level nature of this phenomenon. However, a critical view of organizational resilience seems to be left out of the conversation. With this panel symposium, we expand the discussion - both from academic and practitioners' perspectives - by delineating and discussing three underlying trade-offs: 1) Efficiency vs. resilience, 2) Buffering vs. adaptation, 3) System resilience vs. component resilience. While doing this, we elaborate on the multi-level sources and mechanisms leading to organizational resilience as well as associated challenges.

    Sponsors: Strategic Management (STR), Organization and Management Theory (OMT)

    We encourage participants to email Ekin Ilseven ( questions to the panelists in advance. We will also provide the opportunity to submit questions during the Q&A part.

    We are looking forward to meeting you soon and to an engaging discussion!

    Ekin Ilseven

    Ph.D. Candidate, Strategy, INSEAD

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    Ekin Ilseven
    Ph.D. Candidate, Strategy, INSEAD