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AOM Panel Symposium: "Changes in the Boardroom: The Present and the Future" (Session 910)

  • 1.  AOM Panel Symposium: "Changes in the Boardroom: The Present and the Future" (Session 910)

    Posted 8 days ago
    We are writing to cordially invite you to the upcoming AOM2022 Panel Symposium "Changes in the Boardroom: The Present and the Future" in Seattle (August 7th, 2022, 2:45pm – 4:15pm Pacific Time (UTC-7) (in-person) Location: The Westin Seattle in Puget Sound Room)

    Distinguished Panelists:
    Scott D. Graffin (University of Georgia)
    Donald C. Hambrick (Penn State University)
    Corinne Post (Villanova University)
    Christine Shropshire (Arizona State University)

    Jiyeon Kang (Penn State University)
    Georg Wernicke (HEC Paris)


    The last several decades have witnessed dramatic changes in the boardroom, including increased public pressure and legal requirements for board diversity and director overboarding, media scrutiny, and the influence of activist investors and stakeholders. While scholars have started to dedicate a great deal of attention to studying these trends, much is still to be understood. For example, what are the theoretical and empirical implications of these recent trends for the roles of directors and corporate governance? How do these new trends shape the career trajectories of individual directors, board interlocks, and norms of the corporate elite? This symposium plans to bring together leading scholars in the area to 1) revisit the established understanding of the board of directors; 2) highlight emergent research and perspective on the board of directors; 3) discuss the panelists' insights about theoretical and practical implications of these relatively nascent trends; and 4) propose directions for future research.

    The format of the 90-minute symposium will be as follows:

    • 5-minute introduction of the topic and the panelists
    • 10-minute per panelist in the following order
      • Scott Graffin: Board culture, board diversity, and shareholder expectations
      • Don Hambrick: Governance Segmentation Theory and directors sponsored by activist hedge funds
      • Corinne Post: Board diversity
      • Christine Shropshire: Activist investors in the board room
    • 5-minute summary of the discussion
    • 35-minute Q&A
    • 5-minute Wrap-up

    Please note that this symposium is in-person only. We encourage participants to email Jiyeon Kang ( questions to the panelists in advance. We will also provide the opportunity to submit questions during the Q&A part. Please feel free to reach out to our organizers if you have any questions about the symposium.


    We are looking forward to meeting you soon in Seattle.

    Jiyeon Kang
    Penn State University
    University Park PA