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AOM2023 PDW: 185- Experimentation for Future-Making

  • 1.  AOM2023 PDW: 185- Experimentation for Future-Making

    Posted 07-26-2023 07:25

    Would you like to discuss emerging perspectives on Experimentation and Future-Making? 

    Join us at the PDW "185- Experimentation for Future-Making" at the 83rd Academy of Management starting at 2:00 PM in Room 202, Hynes Convention Center, Boston #AOM2023


    • Alfredo De Massis, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Business and Director of the Centre for Family Business Management - Libera Università di Bolzano & IMD Business School
    • Dimo Dimov, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation - University of Bath
    • Gerda Gemser, Professor of (Corporate) Entrepreneurship - University of Melbourne
    • Jelena Spanjol, Head of the Institute for Innovation Management & Editors-in-Chief JPIM Journal of Product Innovation Management - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    • Dr. Marcelo F. de la Cruz, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Innovation Management, (IIM), Munich School of Management - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    • Nico Klenner, Lecturer in Innovation - The Australian National University University
    • Silvia Sanasi, Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Family Business Management - Libera Università di Bolzano


    • Stefano Magistretti, Assistant Professor of Agile Innovation, School of Management - Politecnico di Milano
    • Claudio Dell'Era, Professor of Design Thinking for Business, School of Management - Politecnico di Milano
    • Jeanne Liedtka, United Technologies Professor of Business, School of Business - University of Virginia

    PDW Description:

    Experimentation is often adopted to answer current market needs and opportunities (Augustine et al., 2019) to test different options and increase the probability of success (Kindermann et al., 2022). What if we adopt experimentation for future-making? What might be the role of experimentation in crafting a desirable future for our society and tackling grand challenges (Gümüsay and Reinecke, 2022)? Research on the role of practices and approaches to future-making, such as narratives (Rindova and Martins, 20221), languages (Liuberte and Dimov, 2021), and artifacts (Thompson, 2018), is growing. Nonetheless, we know little about the role of experimentation (Thomke, 2020) in future-making (Wenzel, 2022). This session explores how experimentation can be developed as an organization-wide capability for the creation of desirable futures and how managers and scholars from across disciplines can and should adopt such an approach in their endeavors. In light of this year's theme on the inclusion of workers, as well as management, in our teaching and research, we want to highlight the challenge of translating strategic organizational capabilities into new behaviors at the front-line. We plan to accomplish this by bringing together a collection of scholars, each well-recognized in their own field, to share their perspectives, with a goal to identify collectively opportunities to work together across disciplines.

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    Looking forward to a productive discussion,

    Best Regards 

    Stefano Magistretti
    Politecnico Di Milano