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Call for papers JOM – Deadline extended

  • 1.  Call for papers JOM – Deadline extended

    Posted 09-21-2023 04:53

    Call for papers for a special issue of Journal of Operations Management (UTD24 / FT 50) on "Operational Perspectives on Blockchain Applications"

    Submission Deadline Extended: November 30, 2023

    Guest editors:

    - Fabrice Lumineau

    - Guangzhi Shang

    - Jayashankar Swaminathan

    - Gerry Tsoukalas

    - Stephan Wagner

    - Leon Zhao

    Blockchain, as a distributed-ledger technology, has critical implications for supply chain management and supports significant operational efficiencies by improving, for instance, supply chain traceability (Hastig & Sodhi, 2020), transparency (Chod et al., 2020), the management of deceptive counterfeits (Pun et al., 2021), and payment disputes (Vitasek et al., 2022). Scholars have started exploring the theoretical opportunities and challenges related to information immutability and reliability (e.g., Klöckner et al., 2021; Lumineau et al., 2021; Wang et al., 2022). In line with JOM's call to further understand how technology affects operational processes and decisions (Heim et al., 2021), we encourage submission of methodologically diverse research to analyze how the blockchain technology is developed in support of operational capabilities, how it is implemented in a given operation, and how it is likely to impact a wide range of stakeholders.

    Fabrice Lumineau
    Professor of Strategic Management
    University of Hong Kong