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CUP Elements on Reinventing Capitalism

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    Posted 5 days ago

    As the Co-editors of the Cambridge University Element Series on Reinventing Capitalism (, we are very pleased to share with you that the Element "The New Enlightenment: Reshaping Capitalism and the Global Order in the 21st Century", edited by Arie Y. Lewin, Greg Linden and David Teece has just been published online by Cambridge University Press. It is available at the following URL: free for downloading online until August 18th.   

    This Element contains contributions by Gerald F. Davis, University of Michigan; Maryann Feldman, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill; Frederick Guy, University of London; Simona Iammarino, London School of Economics and Political Science; Carolin Ioramashvili, London School of Economics and Political Science; William Lazonick, University of Massachusetts–Lowell; Arie Y. Lewin, Duke University; Greg Linden, University of California–Berkeley; Ted Ryan, Duke University; Orville Schell, Center on U.S.–China Relations at the Asia Society; Craig Smith, University of Glasgow; Till Talaulicar, University of Erfurt; David J. Teece, University of California–Berkeley; and Sarah Koehane Williamson, FCLTGlobal. We hope you enjoy the reading.   

    Best regards,

    Arie Y. Lewin and Till Talaulicar



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