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OMT Off-Program Events: Update #3

  • 1.  OMT Off-Program Events: Update #3

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    We have another exciting OMT Off-Program event! Please see below for details:

    OMT Drinks: 
    Aug 7 (Sun) 3-5 pm PT at Anchorhead Coffee Company

    "Drinking Away Tensions" - Event for Paradox Scholars and a Book Launch Event for Both/And Thinking (Smith and Lewis, 2022)

    Hosted by Wendy Smith and Marianne Lewis on Aug 7 (Sun) from 3-5 pm PT. 

    Reminder of all our OMT Off-Program Events:

    Aug 5 (Fri)
    OMT Hits: baseball game 
    O-SIM-T Boats: Seattle boat tour

    Aug 6 (Sat)
    OMT Walks: morning walk 
    OMT Eats: dim sum outing 
    OMT Drinks: social movements meetup 

    Aug 7 (Sun)
    OMT Drinks: ethnographers meetup
    OMT Drinks: paradox scholars meetup