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  • 1.  OMT Off Program Events

    Posted 12 days ago
    To our fantastic OMT community,

    It has been too long since we have been together in person and I am so excited to see many of you in Seattle. In the past, OMT's off program events have been the envy of other divisions. Our success is largely thanks to Emily Block for spearheading this initiative, and especially to all of our amazing members who take this opportunity to serve your division. After two long years, here is your chance to plan and organize an OMT off program event! This is an excellent way to get involved with OMT, build up our community, and give you a chance to socialize with other OMT members.

    If you are interested in hosting an OMT off program event all you need to do is:
    1. Select a type of OMT Event (descriptions included at the bottom of this email).

    2. Choose a time and location.
    • Re time: please try not to overlap with OMT on-program events such as the socials, business meeting or distinguished scholar breakfast)
    • Re location: you may wish to make a reservation in advance; the cafés at the hotels are often very busy so you may wish to go "off campus"
    3. Fill out the following google form with the event description and details:

    4. Promote your event through conventional (listserv and social media) and unconventional channels. Make sure people who may be interested now about it (we will also do our part).
    5. Show up at the event and be ready to welcome everyone interested in spending an hour in a casual venue, discussing common interests (arriving 10-15 minutes before and securing one or two tables may be wise).
    You can schedule an OMT off program event on any day and time that is convenient for you. If you have an event already in mind, feel free to sign up now. If you need more time, you can register an event until the week of the conference. You can find the most updated calendar of OMT events here:
    Thank you once again to all the organizers and looking forward to having even more innovative OMT Events on our calendar!

    Shelby Gai
    OMT Membership Group Chair
    Description of OMT Events
    OMT Eats: These events are designed to provide a place for OMT people who may not have dinner plans. Two or more organizers will choose a restaurant and make a reservation for any number of individuals they choose. Participants will email organizers directly to reserve their space. These events should be scheduled to avoid overlap with the EGOS Presents Meet OMT on Friday and the OMT Business Meeting and Social on Monday. 
    OMT Drinks:
    Whether it is a brewery, a distillery, or even the hotel bar, OMT Drinks provides an informal way for OMT members to get together in an informal manner. Organizers may ask for pre-registration or can specify that the event is open to anyone. 
    OMT Cafe: These events are topically informal gatherings focused on a particular topic or research area and hosted by two or more scholars. These are open drop-in events that typically do not require pre-registration. 

    OMT Moves: These events are designed to couple physical activity with networking - providing OMT members a chance to meet up while exercising. Past events include OMT Yoga, OMT Bikes and OMT Runs, but can also include a walk along the river or a pick up game of football (both American football and European). Organizers may choose any time and location that fits their schedule and either ask for pre-registration or accept drop in participation.

    OMT Events: These are OMT sponsored events that provide a chance for OMT members to share an outing together. Events could include tours to local art museums, shopping, visits to local monuments or even sporting events. Organizers can require pre-registration and are asked to organize any payment required directly with the participants.

    OMT Cross Division Mixers:
    This year we are introducing a new format- the cross-division mixer.  We are looking for people to host a traditional OMT Café with members of another division to promote cross-divisional collaborations.