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PDW Reversing the Arrow - Entrepreneurialism and Society

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    Reversing the Arrow: Examining how Entrepreneurialism Affects Society

    Professional Development Workshop # 15300

    August 7 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM

    PDW Chair: Robert Eberhart - Stanford Graduate School of Business
    Organizer: Tim Weiss - Imperial College London
    Presenter: Sarah Kaplan - U. of Toronto
    Presenter: Howard Aldrich - U. of North Carolina
    Presenter: Rachel Atkins - NYU Stern
    Presenter: Michael Lounsbury - U. of Alberta
    Presenter: Violina Rindova - U. of Southern California
    Presenter: P Devereaux Jennings - Alberta School of Business
    Presenter: Andrew Nelson - U. of Oregon
    Presenter: Charlene E. Zietsma - Penn State U.
    Presenter: Wesley Sine - Cornell U.
    Presenter: Jennifer E Jennings - U. of Alberta
    Presenter: Jeff York - U. of Colorado, Boulder
    Presenter: Timothy Hannigan - U. of Alberta School of Business

    We invite you to join our PDW on Reversing the Arrow where we investigate entrepreneurship's effect on society.

    Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in society. Thus far, the academic focus on new ventures focused almost exclusively on how society affects entrepreneurship (i.e., amount and type of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial opportunities, etc.) and entrepreneurship's contribution to socio-economic development. Yet, a new perspective and community of scholars has emerged in a new stream of research to investigate how entrepreneurship transforms and affects society.


    The workshop will be divided into three sessions:

    Session 1 - 6 presentations of provocative frameworks suggesting how to productively study the intersection of entrepreneurship and society (60 minutes).

    Session 2 - PDW Participants will self-select to join one of the six theoretical perspectives in targeted discussion tables, each led by key scholars (45 minutes).

    Session 3 - Each discussion table presents back the main insights to inform that agenda of the 2023 Entrepreneurship & Society conference scheduled to take place in at Lake Tahoe during June 2023 (45 minutes).

    Discussion topics and discussion leaders:


    Discussion Topics

    Discussion leaders


    Gender and race in an entrepreneurial society

    Rachel Atkins & Sarah Kaplan


    Work and inequality in an entrepreneurial society

    Robert Eberhart & Howard Aldrich


    Agency and futures in an entrepreneurial society

    Violina Rindova & Tim Weiss/


    Ideologies in an entrepreneurial society

    Charlene Zietsma & Mike Lounsbury


    Power and systems change in an entrepreneurial society

    Wes Sine & Jennifer Jennings & Jeff York


    New methodological perspectives to study an entrepreneurial society

    Tim Hannigan & Dev Jennings

    This PDW will extend six theoretical elements in this stream to engage with the investigations of approaches to grand challenges. These elements will form the backbone of this PDW to facilitate building out new theory: 1) the reflective ideology of neo-liberal entrepreneurship; 2) entrepreneurial actors (leaders and teams) employing discursive & material practices; 3) the positive and negative impacts on society, organization, and individuals; 4) the diffusion of entrepreneurialism into other social realms, 5) power, status and the emergence of a new elite, and 6) methodologies for the empirical study of entrepreneurialism.

    We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

    Robert Eberhart
    Stanford University
    Stanford CA
    (650) 315-8603