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[Reminder] AoM Showcase Symposium: The Rise of Negative Evaluations and The Fall of Organizations (Hybrid)

  • 1.  [Reminder] AoM Showcase Symposium: The Rise of Negative Evaluations and The Fall of Organizations (Hybrid)

    Posted 7 days ago

    Dear colleagues,

    We are writing to cordially invite you to the upcoming AoM2022 Panel Symposium (session 1307):
    Going Down the Drain: The Rise of Negative Evaluations and The Fall of Organizations
    Monday, August 8, 2022, 12:00 – 1:30 PM PT
    Seattle Convention Center, Tahoma 5 (Hybrid Interactive: Seattle +Virtual)

    See symposium details here and add it to your calendar.

    Panelists and topics

    • Bryant A. Hudson, IESEG School of Management
      • Emotions and organizational stigmatization
    • Mary-Hunter McDonnell, University of Pennsylvania
      • Ideology and social movements' disruptive potential to firms
    • Mike Pfarrer, University of Georgia
      • How firms manage negative evaluations
    • Alessandro Piazza, Rice University
      • Environmental conditions and the persistence of stigmatized organizations


    • Yuri Mishina, Imperial College London


    Organizations can suffer from negative evaluations when they fail to meet stakeholders' expectations. A growing number of studies have shown that key stakeholders react adversely to organizations, not only for their disruptive activities but also for their inaction or lack of progress towards social and environmental problems such as global warming, gender inequality, data protection issues, and anti-abortion legislation. However, little has been said regarding when and how initial negative reactions can spread from a subgroup to a broader set of audiences, and when and how these negative evaluations intensify, leading to adverse outcomes for the focal organization.

    This symposium brings together leading scholars in the area to discuss 1) the different mechanisms from the perspectives of management, sociology, social psychology, and political science that might drive this escalation; 2) how these mechanisms may intertwine and lead to different dynamics and outcomes for organizations; 3) the new insights and a future research agenda for research on negative social evaluations.


    The format of the 90-minute symposium will be as follows:

    • 5-minute introduction of the topic and the panelists
    • 10-minute per panelist to discuss the topic from different perspectives
    • 10-minute for the discussant to provide integrative comments and insights
    • 30-minute Q&A
    • 5-minute Wrap-up

    Please feel free to reach out to organizers if you have any questions about the symposium:

    Maxine Yu

    Lin Dong

    We hope to see you in Seattle or online.

    Maxine and Lin


    Lin Dong
    Assistant Professor
    University of Birmingham