Special Issue Invitation - Academy of Management Perspectives

We invite you to contribute to the Academy of Management Perspectives' special issue on entrepreneurialism and society. We seek papers that advance theory and contribute to policy concerning entrepreneurialism, inequality, and society.

Illustrative (and non-exhaustive) questions that contributors to the Special Issue might wish to address are as follows:

  • What are the valorized models of entrepreneurship (including those that ostensibly try to modify such activity), and how do they reinforce the underlying ideology of entrepreneurialism?
  • How do underlying norms and cognitions embedded in a practice (such as entrepreneurship) engage with, or become detached from, that practice to become an ideology or logic of organizational and individual action?
  • What do the elites in entrepreneurialism look like, and how has the stratification system around them been modified?
  • How do economic owners and political functionaries measure entrepreneurial effectiveness, and with what consequences for policy modifications?
  • What does it mean in this new system to secure a "social license" to operate or pursue "public good" in light of entrepreneurialism's ascendance?
  • How are human rights impacted by the move to entrepreneurialism, the use of neo-liberal supporting ideology, and exacerbated inequality?
  • In what ways does the political system support the new models of economic advancement and its associated inequalities, and are there policies that can dampen these effects?
  • How do entrepreneurial ideologies and policy shape the actions of executives and everyday citizens as they seek solutions for social problems?

We also invite researchers to offer perspectives critical to the concerns raised in this call, thereby enriching and sharpening discourse about the importance of entrepreneurialism in society today.  

Guest Editors:

AMP Associate Editors:

Submission Process

    • Submission deadline (full paper): 30 September 2023. The ScholarOne submission portal will be open from 15 September to 30 September 2023.
    • Authors should follow the AMP Manuscript Preparation Guidelines.
    • Articles will be reviewed according to the AMP double-blind review process.
    • Paper Development Workshop at UCLA's Anderson School of Management: 25 January 2024
Starts:  Dec 10, 2022 10:00 (PT)
Ends:  Sep 30, 2023 17:00 (PT)


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